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Minor Amendments to the City's Local Coastal Program LC2017-002 <br />September 25, 2018 <br />Page 2 <br />DISCUSSION: <br />Background <br />On September 12, 2017, the City Council adopted Resolution No. 2017-56 authorizing <br />the submittal of the amendment to the Coastal Commission. Resolution No. 2017-56 <br />specified that the amendment shall not become effective until approval by the Coastal <br />Commission and adoption, including any modifications suggested by the Coastal <br />Commission, by resolution and/or ordinance of the City Council. <br />On July 11, 2018, the Coastal Commission approved the amendment with modifications <br />which have been included in the proposed amendments (see Attachment B). <br />Analysis <br />When the City's LCP was certified by the Coastal Commission, the City recognized that <br />certain issues would be addressed through follow-up LCP amendments. Amendment No. <br />LC2017-002 is a clean-up amendment intended to correct citation errors, clarify certain <br />ambiguities and inconsistencies and add inadvertent omissions. The components of the <br />amendment are summarized in Table 1 below. <br />Table 1 <br />LCP Clean-up Amendment Summary <br />No. <br />IP Section <br />Description <br />Adds new IP <br />Lido Villas PC—Adds land use and property development regulations <br />1 <br />and <br />for the Lido Villas Planned Community. <br />Table <br />Table 21.26-10 <br />2 <br />Modifies IP <br />Landscape Maintenance Exception —Adds exceptions to landscape <br />21.30.075 B 4 b <br />maintenance standards during water supply shortages. <br />Modifies IP <br />Waiver for De Minimis Development — Correctly identifies the <br />3 <br />21.50.020 <br />Community Development Director as the review authority for CDP <br />(Table 21.50-1) <br />waivers for de minimis development, clarifies that the waiver does not <br />take effect until after it is reported to the City Council. <br />4 <br />Modifies /P Section <br />Notice of Final Action — Changes the time limit for reporting the <br />21.52.015(H) <br />City's final action on a CDP from 5 days to 7 days. <br />Modifies IP <br />CDP Exemption for Repair and Maintenance — Corrects <br />5&6 <br />21.52.035 C 4 c <br />subsection citations. <br />Modifies IP <br />City Council Review of CDP Waivers — Corrects an ambiguity as to <br />7 <br />21.52.055 (re- <br />the number of City Council members required to object to a coastal <br />numbered as <br />development permit waiver. <br />subsection F <br />Adds new IP <br />CDP Public Hearing Waiver—Allows the Community Development <br />8 <br />21.62.050 <br />Director to waive the public hearing requirement for coastal <br />development permits involving minor development. <br />21.64.020 A <br />Appeals and Calls for Review — Corrects and clarifies procedures <br />9&10 <br />relating to appeals and calls for review. <br />21.64.035 C 2 <br />19-2 <br />