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Newport Bay Water Wheel Project —Adoption of Mitigated Negative Declaration <br />September 25, 2018 <br />Page 2 <br />OPC staff have recommended approval/funding of the grant proposal. The OPC Council <br />will consider approval of the grant application at its October 25, 2018 board meeting. An <br />OPC condition of approval is to have CEQA for the project complete and adopted. <br />DISCUSSION: <br />Every year, large volumes of trash and debris enter Newport Bay from the Santa Ana - <br />Delhi Channel (SAD) and San Diego Creek (SDC), and subsequently ends up on the <br />inter -tidal areas around Upper Bay and deposits on beaches at the Newport Dunes and <br />around the lower harbor. Some trash and debris exits the Harbor Jetty directly into the <br />open ocean and potential deposits on the beaches along the Balboa Peninsula, and down <br />coast to Big Corona Beach. In addition, a portion of the trash becomes embedded in the <br />bay sediments. <br />The Water Wheel (Attachment C) is a proposed water quality improvement project for <br />Newport Bay. This project is also one of the goals/objectives for the City's Water <br />Quality/Coastal Tidelands Committee. Councilmember Avery chairs the committee and <br />at its September 6, 2018 meeting, the committee passed a motion to support the project. <br />This facility is designed to capture floatable trash, from both dry -weather as well as storm <br />flows, generated from the 120 square mile up -stream tributary area that passes through <br />San Diego Creek into the bay. With implementation ofthe San Diego Creek Water Wheel, <br />along with the recently completed Santa Ana -Delhi Regional Trash Capture Facility, <br />combined with the City's extensive local storm drain system trash collection efforts, the <br />Bay should immediately experience trash load reductions of 50 - 80%, an important step <br />toward more fully protecting subtidal and intertidal habitats. The construction period is <br />anticipated to take place within a six-month period and currently proposed to begin in the <br />spring of 2020. <br />At its meeting of February 13, 2018, the City Council authorized and supported through <br />Resolution 2018-6 the application for Proposition 1 grant funds from the Ocean Protection <br />Council for this project. The City grant application was successful and OPC staff is <br />recommending full funding for the project. The OPC board will consider approval of the <br />grant application at its October 25, 2018 board meeting in Santa Cruz. <br />ENVIRONMENTAL REVIEW: <br />An MND has been prepared by Stantec Consulting Services, in accordance with CEQA, <br />the State CEQA Guidelines, and City Council Policy K-3. A copy of the MND is available <br />on the City's website, at each Newport Beach Public Library, and at the Community <br />Development Department at City Hall. In addition, 15 hardcopies and one electronic copy <br />was mailed to the State Clearinghouse; one hard copy and one electronic copy was hand - <br />delivered to the Orange County, County Clerk; and one hard copy and one electronic <br />copy were mailed to six different local interested parties. <br />5-2 <br />