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RECEIVED AFTER AGENDA PRINTED <br />SEPTEMBER 25, 2018 <br />AGENDA ITEM NO. 1 <br />September 25, 2018, City Council Agenda Item 1 Comments <br />The following comments on an item on the Newport Beach City Council agenda are submitted by: <br />Jim Mosher (iimmosher(o-) ), 2210 Private Road, Newport Beach 92660 (949-548-6229) <br />Item 1. Minutes for the September 11, 2018 City Council Meeting <br />The passages shown in italics below are from the draft minutes with suggested corrections <br />indicated in str keout underline format. The page numbers refer to Volume 63. <br />Page 597, Item SS4, paragraph 3, sentence 1: "In response to Council questions, Principal <br />Traffic Engineer Sommers discussed the types of data that is are received from the system and <br />what it is used for, clarified it does not track the actual number of cars on the road, ..." <br />Page 598, paragraph 2: "Jim Mosher believed the system wassuppesed to be able to <br />generate _generatin_p trip data as advertised, ..." <br />Page 600, bullet 2: "Attended the grand re -opening of Pavilions near the Port S#eet Streets, <br />the OCTA Mayor's Forum hosted by Supervisor Steele Steel, ..." <br />Page 600, last bullet: "..., and thanked Congressman Rohrabacher and Supervisor Steele <br />Steel for their support." <br />Page 600, Item XIV: "..., and believed the way Item 4 is written makes it appear that the floor <br />area ratio limit is increasing when it is not." <br />Page 602, Item XVIII, paragraph 3: "Denys Oberman welcomed City Manager Leung to the <br />City, thanked Council Member Herdman for alerting the public about Council's consideration of <br />city manager candidate Sean Shawn Nelson, took issue with a previous Closed Session <br />announcement directed at Council Member Herdman, discussed the City's response to a Public <br />Records Act Request, and asked which Council Members did not support Sean Shawn Nelson <br />so she could thank them." <br />Page 602, paragraph 2 from end: "Carolyn Dre Carol Anne Dry took issue relative to a letter <br />to the editor written by Bob McCaffrey that referenced Lynn Swain and Susan Skinner and <br />expressed her support for them." <br />Page 603, paragraph before "Hearing no further testimony": "He discussed his belief that <br />increased property values might decrease the affordable housing stock and questioned if some <br />of the homelessness money could assist the Community Development Police Department <br />with its homeless program." <br />Page 603, paragraph after "Hearing no further testimony": "Mayor Pro Tem O'Neill discussed <br />and commended the Senior Home Assistance Repair Program (SHARP) which partners with <br />Habitat for Hu es Humanity, ..." [note: the City seems to have a little uncertainty as to <br />whether the "H" in "SHARP" stands for "Home" or "Housing." "Home" appears to be correct.] <br />