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1To:ZONING ADMINISTRATOR - NOVEMBER 20, 2018Subject:ADDITIONAL MATERIALS RECEIVEDItem 1a: Manly Residence Coastal Development Permit_PA2018-182 Begin forwarded message: From: Buck Johns <> Subject: Coastal Development Permit, 2612 Mesa Drive, NB. Date: November 15, 2018 at 11:10:22 AM PST To: Cc: Duffy Duffield <>, Robert Stein <>, John Kappeler <> Liz Westmorland Assistant Planner, Newport Beach Subject: Project File PA2018-182. Coastal Development Permit, 2612 Mesa Drive, Newport Beach 92660, Manly Residence To Whom It May Concern: For the past four decades, we have lived at 2600 Mesa Drive, Newport Beach, immediately adjacent to the residence at 2612 Mesa Drive, now owned by the Manly family. We are familiar with the proposed demolition/reconstruction/addition described in subject Coastal Development Permit application. We are in full support of this application. Very best regards,