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Q SEW Pp�T <br />CITY OF <br />�m <br />__ z NEWPORT BEACH <br />C1-11:09 'P City Council Staff Report <br />November 27, 2018 <br />Agenda Item No. 20 <br />TO: HONORABLE MAYOR AND MEMBERS OF THE CITY COUNCIL <br />FROM: David A. Webb, Public Works Director - 949-644-3311, <br /> <br />PREPARED BY: Michael J. Sinacori, Acting City Engineer <br />PHONE: 949-644-3342 <br />TITLE: Proposed Assessment District No. 113 — West Balboa Island, North <br />Bayfront, South Bayfront and Agate Avenue <br />ABSTRACT - <br />The property owners on West Balboa Island between North Bay Front, South Bay Front <br />and Agate Avenue have submitted a Petition requesting formation of an underground <br />utility assessment district (AD -113). The City Council certified the Petition for AD -113 on <br />February 14, 2017. On September 25, 2018, the City Council approved the Assessment <br />Engineer's Report, declared its intention to levy assessments and to issue bonds to <br />finance the undergrounding, and set November 27, 2018 as the time and place of a Public <br />Hearing for AD -113. Ballots were mailed to each property owner and Council is requested <br />to hold the Public Hearing, count ballots and determine if these property owners support <br />or oppose forming AD -113. <br />RECOMMENDATION: <br />a) Open public hearing on the formation of Assessment District No. 113; <br />b) Hear public testimony from those who desire to speak; <br />c) Close the public hearing; <br />d) Count ballots; and <br />e) If there is greater than or equal to 50% of weighted "Yes" votes versus "No" votes <br />submitted, a majority protest by ballot procedure does not exist and the District may <br />be formed. If it is desired to form the District, take the following actions: <br />i. Adopt Resolution No. 2018-81, A Resolution of the City Council of the City of <br />Newport Beach, California, Confirming Assessments and Proceedings, and <br />Designating the Superintendent of Streets to Collect and Receive Assessments <br />and to Establish a Special Fund for City of Newport Beach Assessment District <br />No. 113; and <br />ii. Approve Budget Amendment No.19BA-024 authorizing an advance from the <br />General Fund in the amount of $485,000 to be repaid from Bond Proceeds and <br />cash contributions from Assessment District No. 113 and appropriating $350,000 <br />to Account No. 66302-941027 for electrical utility design by SCE, $25,000 to <br />Account No. 66302-941005 for phone system design by AT&T, $45,000 to Account <br />No. 66302-941006 for assessment engineering services, $50,000 to Account <br />No. 66302-941008 for City Administration, and $15,000 to Account No. <br />66302-941012 for Bond Counsel. Funds remaining in any fiscal year will be <br />carried forward to future annual budgets per Council Policy F-3. <br />OR <br />20-1 <br />