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CITY OF NEWPORT BEACH <br />City Council Minutes <br />Study Session and Regular Meeting <br />November 27, 2018 <br />I. ROLL CALL - 6:00 p.m. <br />Present: Council Member Brad Avery, Council Member Diane Dixon, Council Member Jeff Herdman, <br />Council Member Kevin Muldoon, Council Member Scott Peotter, Mayor Pro Tem Will O'Neill, <br />Mayor Duffy Duffield <br />II. CURRENT BUSINESS <br />SS1. Clarification of Items on the Consent Calendar <br />Mayor Pro Tem O'Neill asked for clarification on the reason for the indefinite continuance of <br />Item 5 (Ordinance No. 2018-14 regarding Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs)). Community <br />Development Director Jurjis indicated that staff needed additional time to modify language from <br />the California Coastal Commission in the ordinance to be consistent with Title 21 and reported <br />that both Title 20 and Title 21 would be coming back during a January 2019 meeting. <br />Motion by Council Member Herdman seconded by Mayor Pro Tem O'Neill, to proceed <br />with Study Session Items SS2, SS3 and SS4. <br />The motion carried by the following roll call vote: <br />Ayes: Council Member Herdman, Council Member Muldoon, Council Member Dixon, Council <br />Member Peotter, Council Member Avery, Mayor Pro Tem O'Neill, Mayor Duffield <br />SS2. Proclamation for Save Our Youth's 25th Anniversary <br />Mayor Duffield read the proclamation and presented it to Mary Cappellini who thanked the City <br />for the recognition. <br />SS3. Proclamation to the William B Tug Boat <br />Mayor Duffield read the proclamation, displayed photos of the William B tug boat, which <br />included a slide of the Anteater Regatta college event, and presented it to owners Gary and <br />Sandi Hill. <br />SS4. Check Presentation by the Friends of the Newport Beach Library <br />Amy Hunt from Friends of the Newport Beach Library, and Wendy Frankel, Newport Beach <br />Library Bookstore Manager, presented a check for $116,377.71 to the Corona del Mar Library <br />and provided gift certificates from the bookstore. Mayor Pro Tem O'Neill expressed his gratitude <br />to the Friends of the Newport Beach Library for the generous contributions to the City. <br />SS5. Summer Trolley Program Review <br />Senior Civil Engineer Loke utilized a PowerPoint presentation to display the current trolley <br />route, daily ridership comparison, summer ridership count by hour, rider survey results, two- <br />year program costs, total program summary costs, and staff recommendations. <br />In response to Mayor Pro Tem O'Neill's question, Senior Civil Engineer Loke and Public Works <br />Director Webb confirmed no General Fund money is being used to support the program since it <br />is coming from the Balboa Village Advisory Committee funds. <br />Volume 63 - Page 641 <br />