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City of Newport Beach <br />Study Session Regular Meeting <br />November 27, 2018 <br />Council Member Dixon thanked staff for their efforts and support of the project, and believed <br />the decrease in advertising/marketing may have been a factor in the lower numbers during the <br />beginning of year two. Senior Civil Engineer Loke and Public Works Director Webb confirmed <br />that once staff increased marketing, numbers trended to similar ridership of the previous year <br />and reported the City will begin doing more advertising in June to get numbers up and increase <br />awareness. <br />In response to Council Member Avery's concerns regarding traffic and noise from trolley riders <br />trying to get to the Avon lot, Senior Civil Engineer Loke indicated there were no complaints <br />received, foot traffic increased, which is good for local businesses, the Avon parking lot was half - <br />full for the majority of the summer, and except for the 4th of July, ample parking was available <br />for visitors and nearby businesses. Council Member Dixon agreed that the foot traffic positively <br />benefitted the local businesses and encouraged more awareness regarding the Avon parking lot. <br />Mayor Duffield commented on the success of the program, believed it should continue, and <br />suggested, at some point, looking for trolleys that are open on both sides versus the enclosed <br />version the City is utilizing at this time. <br />Public Works Director Webb thanked City staff for their continued hard work to make the trolley <br />program possible. <br />III. PUBLIC COMMENTS - None <br />City Attorney Harp reported the City Council would adjourn to Closed Session to discuss the <br />item listed in the Closed Session agenda and read the title. <br />IV. CLOSED SESSION <br />A. CONFERENCE WITH LABOR NEGOTIATORS <br />(Government Code § 54957.6): 1 matter <br />Agency Designated Representatives: Grace K. Leung, City Manager, Carol Jacobs, Assistant <br />City Manager, Barbara Salvini, Human Resources Director, and Peter Brown; Labor Negotiators. <br />Employee Organizations: Newport Beach Lifeguard Management Association (NBLMA); <br />Newport Beach City Employees Association (NBCEA); Newport Beach Firefighters Association <br />(NBFA); Newport Beach Fire Management Association (NBFMA); Newport Beach Police <br />Association (NBPA); Newport Beach Police Management Association (NBPMA); Newport Beach <br />Professional and Technical Employees Association (NBPTEA); Newport Beach Employees League <br />(NBEL); and Part Time Employees Association of Newport Beach (PTEANB). <br />V. RECESSED - 6:30 p.m. <br />VI. RECONVENED AT 7:00 P.M. FOR REGULAR MEETING <br />VII. ROLL CALL <br />Present: Council Member Brad Avery, Council Member Diane Dixon, Council Member Jeff Herdman, <br />Council Member Kevin Muldoon, Council Member Scott Peotter, Mayor Pro Tem Will O'Neill, <br />Mayor Duffy Duffield <br />VIII. CLOSED SESSION REPORT - None <br />IX. INVOCATION - Council Member Muldoon <br />X. PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE - Council Member Peotter <br />Volume 63 - Page 642 <br />