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CITY OF NEWPORT BEACH <br />ZONING ADMINISTRATOR STAFF REPORT <br />December 13, 2018 <br />Agenda Item No. 2 <br />SUBJECT: Finley Tract Resident Parking Permit Program (PA2017-132) <br />Coastal Development Permit No. CD2018-102 <br />SITE LOCATION: Finley Tract Streets: Finley Ave, Clubhouse Avenue, Short Street, and the <br />500 – 600 Blocks of 34th, 35th, and 36th Streets. <br />APPLICANT: City of Newport Beach <br />PLANNER: James Campbell, Deputy Community Development Director <br /> <br />LAND USE DESIGNATIONS <br />General Plan: Two-Unit Residential Detached <br />Zoning District: R-2 (Two-Unit Residential) <br />Coastal Land Use Plan: Two-Unit Residential Detached (RT-D) <br />Coastal Zoning District: R-2 (Two-Unit Residential) <br />PROJECT SUMMARY <br />A Coastal Development Permit (CDP) for a resident parking permit program (RP3) that <br />would restrict parking on certain public streets within the Finley Tract to resident vehicles <br />that obtain and display City-issued parking permits. Vehicles not dispaying resident <br />permits would be subject to citations. The Finley Tract is located on the Balboa Peninsula <br />west of the intersection of Finley Avenue and Newport Boulevard. The following streets <br />are included in the proposed RP3: Finley Avenue, Clubhouse Avenue, Short Street, and <br />the 500 – 600 blocks of 34th, 35th, and 36th Streets. Small parking regulatory signs along <br />these streets will be installed on existing street sign posts or other vertical infrastructure. <br />All of the potentially affected streets are local streets and not arterials, commuter <br />roadways, or highways. <br />RECOMMENDATION <br />1)Conduct a public hearing; <br />2)Find this project exempt from the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) <br />pursuant to Section 15301 (Existing Facilities) of the CEQA Guidelines, because it <br />has no potential to have a significant effect on the environment; and <br />3)Adopt Draft Zoning Administrator Resolution No. 2018-__ approving Coastal <br />Development Permit No. CD2018-102 (Attachment ZA 1). <br />1