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NEWPORT CROSSINGS MIXED USE PROJECT (PA2017-107) FINAL EIR <br />CITY OF NEWPORT BEACH <br />2. Response to Comments <br />LETTER Al2 — Wittwer Parkin, LLP representing the Southwest Regional Council of Carpenters (14 pages) <br />wittwer /parkin <br />January 14, 2019 <br />VIA E-MAIL <br />Jamie Murillo, Senior Planner <br />City of Newport Beach <br />Community Development Department <br />100 Civic Center Drive <br />Newport Beach, California <br />jmurillo(dnewportbeachcagov <br />Re: Newport Crossings Mixed Use Project Draft Environmental Impact Rcpurt <br />(PA2017-017) <br />Dear Ms. Murillo: <br />Wiltwer Parkin, LLP represents the Southwest Regional Council of Carpenters <br />(-Southwest Carpenters") and submits this letter un the above -referenced project on its behalf. <br />Southwest Carpenters represents 50,000 union carpenters in six states, including in Southern <br />California. Southwest Carpenters has a strong interest in addressing the environmental impacts <br />of development projects, including the proposed Newport Crossings Mixed -Use Project <br />(-Project") at 1701 Corinthian Way, 1660 Dove Street, 4251, 4253, 4255 Martingale Way, and <br />4200, 4220, and 4250 Scott Drive in Newport Beach, California <br />The Project is located in the "Airport Area" region of the City of Newport Beach <br />("City"). (DEIR, p. 1-4.) It is located near the John Wayne Airport, and is surrounded by <br />offices, retail uses, and hotels. (!d at Figure 3.3a [depicting project site and surrounding area], <br />p. 4-0.) The Project site is approximately 5.69 acres, and is currently used as a shopping center, <br />with eight retail and commercial buildings, surface parking, and nees. (Id. at p. 14.) The <br />Project, if approved, would result in the demolition of these facilities and the construction of 350 <br />apartment units, 2.000 square feet of restaurant space, 5,500 square feet of retail space, a six - <br />level, five story parking structure, and a half -acre park. (Ibid.) Of the 350 apartment unim 91 <br />would be constructed under a 35% density bonus, and 30% of the total units would be reserved <br />for affordable housing. (Id at pp. 14, 3.12.) In order to construct the Pmjmt, the Project <br />Applicant would need to receive two "development concessions': approval to build to 77 feet <br />and 9 inches, rather than 55 feet, as required by the zoning code, and permission to build mom <br />one -bedroom and studio apartments than is typically permitted. (1d. at pp. 14 — 1-5, 3.33.) It <br />would also need a lot line adjustment to consolidate three parcels into one large parcel for the <br />mixed-use project, a half -acre parcel for the park, and a small parcel for emergency access <br />improvements needed for the Project. (1d at p. 3.33.) <br />Al2.1 <br />WITTWER PARKIN LLP / 147 S. RIVER ET., STE. vt / SANTA CRua, CA 195060 / 831.439.4055 <br />W W W. WITTW ERPARKIN.COM 1 LAWOPPICEOWITTWERPAKKIN.CoM <br />February 2019 <br />Page 2-61 <br />235 <br />