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ICNZA <br />City Hall,Newport Beach,Cal.,May 13,1918 <br />26'7 <br />7:30 P.M. - — I <br />The Board of Trustees of the City of Newport Beach met in reg- <br />ular session at the place and time above noted. The roll was called <br />and all the Board was found to be present as follows: J.P.Greeley, <br />J. J. Schnitker ,Geo.P.Wilsoii,J.C.MCCain and L.S.Flilkinson. <br />The City Attorney reported on the opening of Bay Ave.,stating <br />the amount allowed by the court to those whose lots were condemned <br />by reason of said opening of the street. The matter was placed in <br />the hands of the City Engineer to proceed with the opening as above. <br />In the matter of the placing of street lights on Newport Hei <br />it was moved by Trustee J.J.Schnitker,seconded by Trustee L.S.Wil <br />and.carried that the matter be placed in the hands of the Street <br />mittee with full power to act. <br />6rdinance No.142 <br />Ordinance No.142 was brought up for final passage.It was moved 1 <br />Trustee J.J.Schnitker,seconded by Trustee Geo.P.Wilson that the same <br />be passed. On calling the roll the following Trustees voted "Aye ": <br />J.P. Greeley, J. J. Schnitker ,Geo.P.Wilson,J.C.MCCain and L.S.Wilkinson. <br />Noes none absent none. <br />Ordinance ro.143 <br />It was moved by Trustee J.J.Schnitker,seconded by Trustee J.C. <br />McCain that Ordinance No.143 be passed.On roll call the following <br />Trustees voted "Aye ": J.P. Greeley, J.J.Schnitker,Geo.P.Wilson,J.C. <br />McCain and L.S.Wilkinson. Noes none, absent none. <br />The Communications were read. <br />The request of Dr.Ross A.Harris to cross sidewalk with motor <br />vehicle in order to enter garage in rear of cottage was granted by <br />motion-of Trustee J.C.MeCain,seconded by 'Trustee Geo.P.Wilson and <br />duly carried. <br />The application of T.R.Tierce to operate a pool room on a lot <br />south of Lot 12,Block 3,Balboa Bayside Tract was granted by motion <br /> Trustee J.J.Schnitker,seconded by Trustee Geo.P.Wilson and <br />carried. <br />The City Clerk was authorized to notify the American Security <br />of New York of the correctness of the accounts of City Treasurer <br />Lew H.Wallace at the close of his term of office in April,in order <br />that his bond might be cancelled. <br />The letter of the City Clerk of Berkeley,Cal.was ordered filed. <br />The application of the Balboa Land & Water cross sidewalk <br />into garage on Lot 4 Block 9,Balboa Tract was granted by motion of <br />Trustee J.C.McCain,seconded by Trustee Geo.P.Wilson and carried. <br />Bids for dredging a channel in Newport Bay were opened and read <br />That of the Ross Construction Co.was 1644 per cubic yard,that of The <br />Los Angeles Dredging Co.was 20d. Neither bid was accompanied by a <br />certified check according to the provisions of the advertisement. <br />It was moved by Trustee L.S.Wilkinson,seconded by Trustee J.C.McCain <br />and carried that the bids be referred to the Board as a Committee o <br />the Whole. <br />Regarding the communication of St.Supt.F.J.Knight relative to <br />the manner in which D.W.Tait was removing the garbage,it was moved <br />Trustee Geo.P.Wilson,seconded by Trustee J.J.Schnitker and carried <br />that the Clerk notify Mr.Tait to appear before the Board at their <br />regular meeting and explain his neglect. <br />Lew ?f.Wallace presented some correspondence from the Board of <br />Engineers for Rivers & Harbors.It was moved by Trustee J.C.McCain, <br />seconded by Trustee J.J.Schnitker and carried that the delegate to <br />Washington to attend the hearing in behalf of Newport Harbor be in- <br />structed to attend hearing as soon as arrangements could be made. , <br />