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1 CNZA <br />I <br />e <br />62 <br />_: <br />City Hall,Neuport Beach,Calif.,Sept.30,1918, 7:30 P.':. <br />The Board of Trustees of the City of Newport Beach;Calif. met <br />'in regular session at the place and hour above noted. <br />In the absence of the Clerk,the Chairman appointed Trustee <br />L.S.Wilkinson to act as Clerk. <br />The roll was called and all the Trustees were present as fell <br />Trustees,J.P. Greeley,?. J. Schnitker ,Geo.P.i7ilsot, and <br />L.S.`lilkinson. <br />The Board proceeded to canvas the returnsof the election held <br />Sept.24,1918. <br />This being the first meeting of the Board of Trustees of the <br />City of Newport Beach after the holding of the special election ther <br />in on the 24th day of September,1918, as called and provided to be <br />held by Ordinance No.144 of said City,and it appearing that all <br />returns of said election have been duly made,and were in the hands o <br />the Clerk_ thereof, the Board of Trustees ordered the said returns to <br />be opened and a canvass of the votes had as shown by said returns. <br />The votes were canvassed and it appeared therefrom that in Precinct <br />No.l there were cast _9a- votes; that 44 votes were cast in favor of <br />the Ordinance and that 48 votes were—vast against the Ordinance; <br />That in precinct P ?o.2 there were cast 1j. votes; that 76 votes were <br />cast in favor of the Ordinance,and that there were cast against the <br />Ordinance 35 votes., <br />It appearAing upon the canvass of the votes that at the special <br />election held on the 24th day of September,1918,a majority of all <br />the votes cast were cast in favor of Ordinance No.144 of the City of <br />Newport Beach and that the said Ordinance has been and is ratified, <br />approved and adopted. <br />On motion of Trustee J.J.Schnitker,seconded by Trustee La. <br />7ilkinson,and on the call of the roll of the Board of Trustees duly <br />carried, it was resolved that 7hereas,- Ordinance No.144 of the City <br />of Newport Beach duly passed,adonted and approved by the Board of <br />'Trustees of said City,signed and approved by the President of said <br />Board of Trustees,and duly published,was at a special election held <br />at and within the city of Newport Beach on the 24th day of September <br />1918,duly submitted to the electors of said city,and upon the canvas; <br />of the votes cast at said election it was found by the Board of <br />Trustees that a majority of all the votes cast thereat were cast in <br />favor of'Ordinance I?o.144,and <br />Whereas, that fact has been found and established of record by <br />a due canvass of said votes, now therefore be it Resolved, that a <br />tax of fifteen cents on each one hundred dollars assessed value of <br />all property in the City of Newport Beach which is taxable therein <br />for municipal purposes be and is hereby levied for the fiscal year o- <br />1918-19 and the said tax shall be collected at the same time and in <br />the same manner as all other municipal taxes are collected and shall <br />be in addition to all other taxes now authorized by law to be levied, <br />And the said tax when collected shall be paid into the Treasury <br />of the City of Newport Beach to the credit of the Advertising Fund <br />and shall be e;pended for the purposes and in the manner providod fol <br />in said Ordinance ro.144. <br />On calling the roll the following Trustees voted Aye: Trustees <br />J.P.. ^ - reel. ey, J. J. Schnitker ,Geo.P.:7ilSon,J.C.UcCain end L.9.7ilkinson. <br />Noes,Trustees,none; Absent,Tru.stees,none. <br />A letter from Leeds r, Barnard was read`and laid over one creek. <br />It was moved by Trustee J..J.Schnitker.,semonded by Trustee J.C.PcCain <br />and carried that the police offices at east end of torn be dispensed <br />with. <br />ORDINAYCE NO.146. 49TABLISHING GRADIS. <br />Ordinance NO.146 for the establishing of certain grades was rea <br />for first time and on motion of Trustee J.J.Schnitker,seconded by <br />Trustee J.C.UcCaln and carried,was passed to second reading. <br />Mr.Childress addressed the Board,speaking for Hr.Frank L.Teline, <br />asking for new lease of city property near jetty. It was moved by <br />Trustee Geo.P..,ilson,seconded by Trustee J.J.Schnitker and carried <br />that the City Attorney be instructed to proceed with cancellation of <br />lease to Newoort Shipbuilding Co. <br />