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John Wayne Airport General Aviation Improvement Program Draft EIR <br />March 12, 2019 <br />Page 2 <br />DISCUSSION: <br />General Aviation and John Wayne Airport <br />General Aviation (GA) is the term used to describe civil aviation operations other than <br />regularly scheduled, commercial air carrier service. There's a wide range of aircraft used <br />in GA. The lighter and generally quieter GA aircraft include helicopters, single- and twin - <br />engine planes, and turbo props. The second category of GA aircraft includes the larger <br />and noisier private or corporate jets. The lighter GA planes follow departure paths that <br />generally turn away from Newport Beach shortly after takeoff, while GA jets departing <br />JWA fly directly over our community. <br />JWA's current "GA aircraft mix" is mostly comprised of the lighter GA aircraft and some <br />GA jets. The mix continues to change and many of those changes are reflected in the <br />shifting usage of the airport's GA facilities. <br />According to the County of Orange (County), there are approximately 500 private GA <br />planes currently based at JWA. Also according to the County, the number of general <br />aviation operations from JWA has decreased nearly 20 percent over the last 25 years. <br />That said, GA still accounts for nearly 70 percent, or approximately 200,000, of the <br />airport's total operations per year (an operation includes the arrival and departure of one <br />aircraft). <br />Several factors led the County to initiate a comprehensive review and update of JWA's <br />GA facilities. These factors include: <br />• The introduction of new aircraft into the GA fleet; <br />• The perceived need to improve some of JWA's aging GA structures; <br />• The need to bring JWA into compliance with current Federal Aviation <br />Administration standards for airport design; and <br />• The expiration of, or pending expiration of, a number of its GA -related, long-term <br />leases. <br />The project to modernize JWA's aviation facilities, the GAIP, formally began <br />approximately two years ago. <br />General Aviation Improvement Program <br />The City of Newport Beach (City) has closely tracked the proposed GAIP since spring <br />2017 due to the City's long -held position that it will "support any plan or project that <br />maintains, and oppose any plan or project that proposes any significant changes to, the <br />existing level of general aviation operations, [or] the current level of general aviation <br />support facilities ..." at JWA. (See, Council Policy A-17, Section E, Subsection 4). Any <br />changes — whether related to airport operations or facilities — that would encourage further <br />change to the GA mix, by reducing the presence of lighter GA aircraft and introducing <br />more of the noisier GA jet operations, have the potential to adversely affect the Newport <br />Beach community by, among other things, increasing noise and impacting air quality for <br />city residents. <br />18-2 <br />