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Received After Agenda Printed <br />March 12, 2019 <br />Item No. 18 <br />Beverly Blais Moosmann <br />544 Vista Grande <br />Newport Beach, CA 92660 <br /> <br />March 8, 2019 <br />Sent Via Email: <br />Ms. Diane Dixon, Major <br />Newport Beach City Council <br />100 Civic Center Drive <br />Newport Beach, CA 92660 <br />Re: The Proposed General Aviation Improvement Plan <br />Dear Mayor Dixon: <br />On behalf of Citizens Against Airport Noise and Pollution ("CAANP"), I wish to advise <br />you that CAANP, after careful consideration, has determined that Alternative 3 of <br />the proposed General Aviation Improvement Plan ("GAIP"), WITH the following <br />CONDITIONS, is the ONLY acceptable option for the residents of Newport Beach. <br />Alternative 3 appears to be the most limited option that has been proposed by the <br />Orange County Board of Supervisors. Although it is safe to assume that most <br />Newport Beach residents would prefer the status quo, without any change, <br />whatsoever, that does not appear to be an option. More specifically, based on <br />comments made by Newport Beach Aviation Consultant Tom Edwards, Esq., during <br />his November 5, 2018 presentation before the Newport Beach Aviation Committee, <br />it appears that the FAA has mandated certain corrections of non-standard design <br />features at JWA, and accordingly, the "No Project Alternative" is not a viable option. <br />Based thereon, CAANP supports Alternative 3; however, ONLY, with the following <br />CONDITIONS that reflect our concerns: <br />1. Limit The Number Of And The Noise Levels Of GA Corporate. Charter and <br />On- Demand Jets (hereinafter "Biz Jets") Using IWA During Curfew Hours: <br />One of the biggest concerns of CAANP and the residents of Newport <br />Beach is GA Biz Jets over or near our homes during curfew hours. Since <br />the implementation of the FAA's NextGen Metroplex program, residents <br />in many Newport Beach communities have had to bear the burden of <br />growing numbers of lower flying, loud and polluting commercial aircraft <br />over or near their homes, starting at 7:00 a.m. and ending at 10:00 p.m. <br />The only relief has been the curfew; however, under the proposed GAIP, <br />the county acknowledges there will be an increase in GA jet traffic and it <br />is unrealistic to believe that this will not include an increase in curfew- <br />