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President Geo.P.'.'rilson introduced a propos tion to transfer from the <br />General Fund the sum of Ci69,656,00 for the pur_)ose of covering over - drafts <br />in the following funds., 7Vatcr Works Extension, Bridge Fluid, Camp I3ain- <br />tainance Fund, Library Fund, Salary Fund, and Street Fund. On motion <br />of Trustee '`Iilkinson, Seco ded by trustee Young and carried, the City <br />Clerk was ordered to transfer the funds as suggested, <br />R. :;. Burris addressed the Board stating that the sidevralk at <br />3oth St. Taas in bad condition and in danger of falling in. Oh motion <br />of Trustee 1:7ilkinson, seconde d by trustee Richter, and mcarried, the <br />matter was referr;:d to the Street Superintendent with the instruction to <br />repair the place mentioned at once and send the bill to the ormers of the <br />adjacent property. <br />There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned to <br />T -londay December, 22, 1924. at 7;30 P.M. <br />M <br />At <br />&r- P <br />Pres. Board o> Trustees. <br />Newport Beach, City Hall, December 22,1924. <br />UNFIIIISHED BUSIWESS: <br />At the hour of 7;30 o'clock P.I:i.of I.Ionday December 22,1924 <br />the Board of Trustees being convened in regualr session at the Council <br />'Chamber in the City H2illof the City of Newport Beach, that being the date, <br />hour, and place fixed for the hearing of protests or objections to the <br />formation of minicipal improvement district No.4 of the city of Nevrpbrt <br />Beach, as provided for in Ordinance of Intention No.267, proceeded to <br />hear any and all protests and objections filed, and any and all persons <br />appearing to object or protest. No protests or objections were filed <br />and no person appearing to object or did object.The Board of Trustees deeded <br />it had acquired jurisdiction to proceed further in accordance with lava, <br />and�Yal r�e��oo foa Ser}1!e °�nr na1 b P11 teat portion of the city of I�etaport Beach - <br />01SIVIlld Se i o �r, ed n- a munib>. f ilnprovenlent district and which portion <br />of said city is described as follo-ws: <br />,Located in the City of Newport Department, January 18, 1917; thence <br />htorthwesterly, along the U. S. Bulk - <br />beach, Couniy d Orange, State of ;head Line, extending from U. S, Bulk - <br />California, and beginning at the in- head Station No. 108 to U. S. Bulkhead' ' <br />tersection of the northeasterly line of Station No. 1o9, as said Bulkhead line <br />surf Avenvue, and the northwesterly I and Bulkhead stations are laid out <br />line of B Street; thence southeasterly, and shown upon the aforesaid Map <br />along the northeasterly line of Surf of Newport Bay, California, showing <br />Avenue to the southeasterly line of E harbor lines, to the last mentioned <br />Street; thence southeasterly In a di- U S. Bulkhead Station No. 109; thence <br />rect line to the southwesterly corner northwesterly in a direct line to the <br />` <br />of Lot "F" of 'Tract No. 518, as per northeasterly corner of Lot 7, Block <br />map thereof recorded in Miscellone ••S" of the Bay Front Section of the <br />;yus Maps Book 17, pages 88, 84, 85 avid Balboa Tract, as recorded in Mix- <br />86, Records of Orahge County, Cali- cellaneous Maps Book 6, page 15, rec- <br />fornia; thence southeasterly along ords of Orange County, California; <br />the southwesterly and southerly lines thence westerly and northwesterly <br />of Lots F, G, H, 1, and J, of the afore- along the northerly and northeasterly <br />said Tract No. 518 to the southeasterly line of the aforesaid Bay Front Sec - <br />corner of the last mentioned Lot J; tion of the Balboa Tract to its inter - <br />thence northwesterly in a direct line! section with the northeasterly pro. <br />to the most southerly corner of Lot I longation of the northwesterly line of <br />1, Block "P" of the aforesaid Tract, B Street; thence southwesterly along <br />No. 518; thence northeasterly along the northwesterly line of B Street to <br />the southeasterly line of the last men - he place of beginniug;—MEN&&athe <br />tioned Lot 1 to the most easterly corn- <br />er of the last mentioned Lot 1; thence <br />northwesterly along the northeasterly) ' <br />line of the last mentioned Lot 1 and <br />along the northeasterly line of Lot <br />"M ", Block "P ", of the aforesaid <br />Tract No. 518, to U. S. Bulkhead Sta- <br />tion No. 108, as said Bulkhead Sta- <br />tion is laid out and shown upon a <br />map of Newport Bay, California, show- <br />ing harbor lines, approved by the War <br />