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0 <br />for damages alledged to have been sustained from a defective sidewalk, <br />recommended on account of establishing a precedent, that no settlement <br />be madd with the plaintiff, but to settle the case through the courts. <br />Councilman Ellsworth agreed with the advice of the City Attorney that <br />a settlement out of court for the sum tentatively stipulated would <br />be more profitable to the City than the possibility of a judgement for <br />a larger amount in the courts. A motion by Councilman Ellsworth, <br />seconded by Councilman Claire, that the City Attorney be instructed <br />to effect a settlement of claim on the best basis possible, was lost <br />by the following roll call vote, to -wit: <br />AYES: Councilmen Ellsworth. <br />NOES: Councilmen Gordon, Claire, Garfield, Hilmer. <br />ABSENT: Councilmen None. <br />Mayor Hilmer brought up the matter of an appointment of a• <br />member of the Planning Commission to succeed E. I. Moore, resigned, <br />explaining that without prejudice but in the interest of harmony it <br />would be best not to appoint L. W. Briggs as a member of the Commission, <br />appointing Fred W. Briggs to the position instead. A. B. Rousselle <br />addressed the Council concerning the appointment, recommending the <br />reconsideration of L. W. Briggs for the place. Considerable discussion <br />was had concerning the matter, whereupon it was moved by Councilman <br />Gordon, seconded by Mayor Hilmer that the Council confirm the appoint- <br />ment of Fred W. Briggs, the confirmation failing by the following <br />roll call vote, to -wit: <br />AYES: Councilmen Gordon, Hilmer. <br />NOES: Councilmen Claire, Ellsworth, Garfield. <br />ABSENT: Councilmen None. <br />Councilman <br />report on the matter <br />recommended that the <br />at the rate of three <br />during the next two <br />by Councilman Claire <br />COMMUN I CAT IONS <br />Gordon, Chairman of the Committee appointed to <br />of additional help for the Harbor Master's office, <br />Harbor Master be allowed to employ additional help <br />dollars per day for two or three days per week <br />nonths. On motion of Councilman Gordon, seconded <br />and carried, the recommendation was approved. <br />A communication from the Chairman of the Planning Commission <br />outlining the work being done by the Commission in connection with the <br />drafting of a 'Master Plan' and requesting the retention of the services <br />of L. Deming Tilton as consultant, the report also advised of the <br />meeting to be held on February 5th at which time the Better Housing <br />Committee and other interested parties would be invited to attend; <br />furthermore the report requested the attendance of all ex- officio <br />members. On motion of Councilman Claire, seconded by Councilman <br />Ellsworth, and carried, the City Clerk was directed to inform the <br />Commission regarding the non - attendance of the ex- officio members. <br />Robert Gibson presented an application, and also addressed the <br />Council, asking for permission to operate a Live Bait Boat from the <br />Balboa pier, setting forth his plan of operation and the fees to be <br />charged. City Engineer Patterson reported on the City's liability in <br />connection with the pier. Councilman Claire suggested, should the <br />permit be granted, that the City receive a Head Tax for the concession. <br />On motion of Councilman Gordon, seconded by Councilman Claire, and <br />carried, the City Attorney was instructed to prepare the necessary <br />specifications for submitting the concession for bids. <br />A communication from the Corona. del Mar Property Owner's <br />Association asked that the Council take the necessary steps to open <br />the road. known as the 1016 Hill Road' and also the proposed extension <br />of Main Street from the Santa Ana - Newport Boulevard to an intersection <br />with the State Highway at Corona del Mar. On motion of Councilman <br />Gordon, seconded by Councilman Claire and carried, the subjects were <br />referred to the Street Committee, City Engineer and the City Attorney <br />for report. <br />The Los Angeles Speedboat Association presented a communication <br />requesting permission to hold an outboard and inboard regatta in the <br />County Channel on February 24th, Councilman Claire suggesting that the <br />matter should be referred to the Chamber of Commerce for the allotment <br />of the days upon which races should be held. Whereupon it was moved <br />by Councilman Claire, seconded by Councilman Gordon and carried, that <br />the request be referred to the Chamber of Commerce. <br />