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Zoning Administrator Resolution No. ZA2019-031 <br />Paae 3 of 7 <br />4. The property is located in an area known for the potential of seismic activity and <br />liquefaction. All projects are required to comply with the California Building Code (CBC) <br />and Building Division standards and policies. Geotechnical investigations specifically <br />addressing liquefaction are required to be reviewed and approved prior to the issuance of <br />building permits. Permit issuance is also contingent on the inclusion of design mitigation <br />identified in the investigations. Construction plans are reviewed for compliance with <br />approved investigations and CBC prior to building permit issuance. <br />5. With exception of the reconstructed garage, alterations to the existing development <br />would occur primarily on the upper levels and minimal site work is proposed. There is <br />no proposed change in grade or drainage, nor increase in impermeable surface area <br />onsite. In addition, the development, as proposed and as conditioned, incorporates <br />design features to minimize the effect of construction and post -construction activities on <br />the marine environment. These design features include, but are not limited to, one or <br />more of the following: the appropriate management of equipment and construction <br />materials, reducing runoff with permeable surfaces, and the use of post -construction <br />best management practices to minimize the project's adverse impact on coastal water. <br />6. The project design addresses water quality during construction with a construction erosion <br />control plan. All new construction resulting from the project will tie into an existing post - <br />construction drainage system that includes features designed to retain dry weather and <br />minor rain event runoff on-site. Any water not retained on-site is directed to the City's storm <br />drain system. <br />7. The property is located near designated Public Viewpoints or Coastal View Roads, but will <br />not impact public coastal views, as discussed in the Facts in Support of Finding B below. <br />Finding: <br />B. Conforms with the public access and public recreation policies of Chapter 3 of the <br />Coastal Act if the project is located between the nearest public road and the sea or <br />shoreline of any body of water located within the coastal zone. <br />Fact in Support of Finding: <br />The project site is located between the nearest public road and the sea or shoreline; <br />however, the project will not affect the public's ability to gain access to use and/or view the <br />coast and nearby recreational facilities. The existing residential development neither <br />provides nor inhibits public coastal access. Implementation Plan Section 21.30A.040 <br />(Determination of Public Access/Recreation Impacts) requires that the provision of public <br />access bear a reasonable relationship between the requirement and the project's impact <br />and be proportional to the impact. In this case, the project is the alteration and expansion <br />of an existing duplex. Therefore, the project does not involve a change in land use, density <br />or intensity that will result in increased demand on public access and recreation <br />opportunities. <br />05-15-2018 <br />