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Received After Agenda Printed <br />April 9, 2019 <br />Item No. 13 <br />From: Marija Zmuidzinas <br />To: DDe t - City Council; Alford, Patrick <br />Subject: Balboa Village Parking Management Overlay District / Local Coastal Program Amendment # LC2017-0001. <br />Date: Monday, April 8, 2019 5:00:47 PM <br />Our names are George Kliorikaitis and Marija (Mary) Zmuidzinas. We are property owners of <br />2 properties (503 & 505 E Balboa) zoned mixed-use in Balboa Village, located in the overlay <br />district. <br />We ask city council to approve Local Coastal Program Amendment # LC2017-0001. <br />The amendment is consistent with the City's (2012) Balboa Village Master plan that calls for <br />the elimination of parking requirements for new or intensified commercial uses. <br />Keyser Marston Associates' 2012 report to the City re market opportunities found there is a <br />perception that there is too much commercial development in the area. This still seems to <br />be the case as just a couple of weeks ago we counted 7 vacant commercial spaces on the <br />beach side of E Balboa Blvd between Adams and A street. The area has struggled to bring in <br />new tenants. This is not just a Balboa Village problem, commercial/retail viability is a <br />city/county/statewide problem. <br />KMA's report also indicates that residential development is the economic engine for mixed- <br />use development opportunities because it carries the cost of ground floor commercial. Our <br />experience with our property indicates this to be the case. Developers prefer a strictly <br />residential zoning, because the success of selling/renting commercial space is questionable. <br />The well thought out and beautifully rendered, proposed Newport Crossings mixed-use <br />project provides an example. The proposal calls for only 7,500 square feet of commercial <br />space on a 5.7 acre (248,292 square feet) project site. That is only 3 of the area, a clear <br />example of how undesirable commercial/retail space has become. In contrast, the <br />requirements for mixed-use lots in Balboa Village call for much more, between a minimum <br />of 35% to a maximum 50% on a 2500-2600 square foot lot. <br />The existing parking requirements for commercial uses in Balboa Village are difficult to meet, <br />because the lots are small. The requirements make it almost impossible for mixed-use <br />zoned lots to get the right mix of residential and commercial space that is required and is <br />viable. Eliminating the commercial parking requirements would begin to help solve this <br />problem. <br />Finally, the KMA report indicated that residents support the commercial/retail <br />establishments year round, parking not being an issue in the off-season. Visitors impact the <br />parking only during peak summer months. Basically, visitors don't go to Balboa Village for <br />the commercial/retail, but do frequent them because they happen to be there. (For <br />example, beachgoers get hungry, thirsty visit one of the restaurants). Therefore, the <br />elimination of parking requirements for commercial uses should not significantly impact the <br />already impacted parking during peak season. <br />For these reasons, we request the council to approve LCP #LC2017-0001. <br />Respectfully, <br />George and Mary Kliorikaitis <br />