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June 11, 2019 <br />Agenda Item No. SS3 <br />Sections: <br />Chapter 5.95 <br />SHORT TERM LODGING PERMIT <br />5.95.005 <br />Purpose and Findings. <br />5.95.010 <br />Definitions. <br />5.95.020 <br />Permit Required. <br />5.95.025 <br />Agency. <br />5.95.030 <br />Applicant for Permit. <br />5.95.035 <br />Denial of Permit. <br />5.95.040 <br />Filing Fee. <br />5.95.04459 Conditions. <br />5.95.050 <br />Agentand Hosting Platform Responsibilities. - <br />5.95.055 <br />Issuance of Administrative Subpoenas. <br />5.95.060 <br />Violations/Penalties/Suspensions/Revocations. <br />5.95.065 <br />Procedure for Imposition of Penalties/Revocation. <br />5.95.070 <br />Permits and Fees Not Exclusive. <br />Pe ,,.ice <br />nFRAFt��@t�AR @.,a n,,RRPgt„ Pep ed <br />c 99 QRQ <br />G 95 non <br />5.95.005 Purpose and Findings. <br />The City Council of the City of Newport Beach finds and declares as follows: <br />A. An ever increasing number of tourists renting short term lodging units is severely escalating the demand <br />for City services and creating adverse impacts in residential zones. <br />B. Several thousand dwelling units within residential zones near the City's beaches and harbor are rented for <br />less than thirty (30) days with the vast majority of those rentals occurring during the summer when the demand <br />for parking and City services is greatest. <br />C. Many of the occupants of short term lodging units are permanent; residents of areas distant from Newport <br />Beach and the City has no effective way to prevent occupants from continuing to violate provisions of the <br />Municipal Code and Penal Code relating to noise, disturbances and disorderly conduct. The only effective way <br />to minimize the problems associated with occupancy of short term lodging units is to impose responsibility on <br />