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CITY OF NEWPORT BEACH <br />COUNCIL MEMBERS MINUTES <br />o��� S9�jy CG�s��� <br />Gtr May 9, 1983 <br />ROLL CALL INDEX <br />15. BUDGET AMENDMENTS - For approval: (25) <br />BA 7084, $1,200.00 - Transfer in Budget <br />• <br />Appropriations to provide for parking meter <br />coin carts; Traffic and Parking Fund. <br />BA -085, $20,685.00 - Increase in Budget <br />Appropriations and Decrease in Unappropriated <br />Surplus for Professional services contract <br />for OASIS Park Grading; General Fund. <br />G. ITEMS REMOVED FROM THE CONSENT CALENDAR: <br />Motion <br />x <br />1. Orange County Division, League of California 0/C League <br />All Ayes <br />Cities Minutes of March 17, and Tentative (54) <br />Agenda for General Meeting to be held on May <br />12, 1983, were presented, wherein support for <br />Mayor Hart's reappointment to the Orange <br />County Airport Land Use Commission for a <br />4 -year term, was approved. <br />2. Proposed resolution amending Resolution No. Balboa Pier <br />82 -39 regarding Concessionaire Agreement Cnesn <br />between the City and Douglas Cavanaugh C -2326 <br />(Contract No. 2326), for the restaurant <br />located on Balboa Pier, and a report from the <br />City Manager, were presented. <br />A discussion ensued to consider whether the <br />selling of beer and wine should be approved, <br />as the Balboa Pier is a City leased facility, <br />and this area is utilized by different age <br />groups. <br />Randy Toller, 113 -29th Street, addressed the <br />Council, commenting that such restrictions <br />l <br />I <br />tend to discriminate against young people. <br />Motion <br />x <br />Motion was made to adopt Resolution No. Res 83 -46 <br />Ayes <br />x <br />x <br />x <br />x <br />x <br />x <br />83 -46, and approve suggested course of <br />Noes <br />x <br />actions 1 -5, as listed in the staff report. <br />Motion <br />x <br />3. Resolution No. 83 -49 authorizing the Mayor Res 83 -49 <br />Ayes <br />x <br />x <br />x <br />x <br />x <br />x <br />and City Clerk to execute Agreement to Npt Dunes <br />Noes <br />x <br />resolve litigation of Newport Dunes Rdvlpmt <br />Redevelopment, and a report from City C -2394 <br />Attorney, were presented, and was adopted (38) <br />after discussion.. <br />Council Member Strauss thanked the Council <br />and staff who worked on the project, stating <br />that it was well--done, but for the record, he <br />voted "no" because it includes a hotel. He <br />also stated that he felt the City of Newport <br />Beach has too many hotels; although this <br />particular hotel is not as objectionable as <br />some of the Marriott Hotels and others, it is <br />a hotel, and for that reason he opposed the <br />motion. <br />• <br />Volume 37 - Page 159 <br />