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CITY OF NEWPORT BEACH <br />COUNCIL MEMBERS <br />�� REGULAR COUNCIL MEETING <br />\rAl °f PLACE: Council Chambers <br />(� TIME: 7:30 P.M. <br />ROLL F,p DATE: September 12, 1983 <br />MINUTES <br />INDEX <br />Mayor Hart announced the completion of the cable <br />interconnect between Community Cablevision, and <br />Group W. She stated that now all residents of <br />Newport Beach, who have cable can see the City <br />Council meetings live on the 2nd and 4th Mondays <br />of the month. <br />Present <br />x <br />x <br />x <br />x <br />x <br />x <br />x <br />A. ROLL CALL. <br />Motion <br />x <br />B. The reading of the Minutes of the Meeting of <br />All Ayes <br />August 22, 1983, was waived, approved as <br />written and order filed. <br />Motion, <br />x <br />C. The reading in full of all ordinances and <br />All Ayes <br />resolutions under consideration was waived, <br />and the City Clerk was directed to read by <br />titles only. <br />D. HEARINGS: <br />1. Mayor Hart opened the continued public <br />Vacation /St <br />hearing regarding VACATION OF STREET <br />Harbor Hill <br />RIGHT -OF -WAY FOR THE CONVERSION OF PUBLIC <br />(90) <br />STREETS TO PRIVATE. STREETS WITHIN TRACT <br />10151 -- HARBOR HILL. <br />Report from Public Works, was presented. <br />Motion <br />x <br />Motion was made to continue the public <br />All Ayes <br />hearing to November 28, 1983, as recommended <br />by staff. <br />2. Mayor Hart opened the public hearing <br />Vacation / <br />• <br />regarding VACATION OF THE EXISTING 20 -FOOT <br />Alley <br />ALLEY BETWEEN ST. ANDREWS ROAD AND 15TH <br />15th & <br />STREET. <br />St. Andrews <br />(90) <br />Report from Public Works, was presented. <br />Motion <br />x <br />Motion was made to continue the public <br />All Ayes <br />hearing to September 26, 1983, as requested <br />by the Southern California Edison Company. <br />3. Mayor Hart opened the public hearing <br />CPA 82 -2 <br />regarding GENERAL PLAN AMENDMENT NO. 82 -2, a <br />(45) <br />request initiated by the City of Newport <br />Beach to amend the Newport Beach General Plan <br />for Block 600 of Newport Center so as to <br />allow the construction of a 325 -room Four <br />Seasons Hotel with related hotel and service <br />facilities, including ballrooms, meeting <br />rooms, cocktail lounges and restaurants; and <br />the acceptance of an Environmental Impact <br />Report. Property located at 600 Newport <br />Center Drive, on the northeasterly corner of <br />Newport Center Drive and Santa Cruz Drive in <br />Newport Center; zoned C -O -H; <br />-- <br />AND <br />• <br />Volume 37 - Page 270 <br />