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CITY OF NEWPORT BEACH <br />COUNCIL MEMBERS <br />0��Gg9ti�9� v3�� <br />G� <br />• <br />Motion <br />• <br />Ayes <br />Noes <br />41 <br />MINUTES <br />November 14, 1983 <br />INnvy <br />Steve Stern, Attorney representing the <br />U/P 2020(A)/ <br />applicant, addressed the Council and stated <br />Var 1103 <br />that they do not intend to utilize live <br />entertainment. They did have a piano, <br />however, which was for decorative purposes <br />only, but it has since been removed at the <br />request of the Planning Department. The area <br />where they desire to place additional tables <br />is "dead space." They also do not feel that <br />five parking spaces are necessary, as their <br />customers are primarily local business people <br />from within the immediate area. <br />The following persons addressed the Council <br />in support of the request: <br />Ralph Henderson, representing the <br />applicant; <br />Sid Fleisher, 102 Shultz Plaza, <br />resident; and <br />Mardo of Jewelry by Mardo, Lido Marina <br />Village <br />Hearing no others wishing to address the <br />Council, the public hearing was closed. <br />X <br />Motion was made to overrule the decision of <br />the Planning Commission based on the findings <br />and conditions of approval designated as <br />Exhibit "B," with the deletion of Conditions <br />No. 4 and 5. <br />The City Attorney suggested the following <br />condition of approval be added: <br />"The City reserves the right to modify <br />existing conditions or add new and <br />different conditions in the event it is <br />determined that subsequent to the date <br />of approval, the operation of this <br />business is detrimental to the health, <br />safety, peace, comfort, and general <br />welfare of persons residing or working <br />in the neighborhood, or detrimental to <br />property and improvements in the <br />neighborhood." <br />X <br />x <br />x <br />x <br />x <br />x <br />The foregoing condition was agreeable with <br />X <br />the maker of the motion, and the motion was <br />voted on and carried. <br />3. Mayor Hart opened the continued public <br />Ord 83 -28 <br />hearing regarding ORDINANCE NO. 83 -28, being, <br />Single -Famly <br />Zoning <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY OF NEWPORT <br />(94) <br />BEACH AMENDING CHAPTER 20.10 AND SECTION <br />20.87.140 OF THE NEWPORT BEACH MUNICIPAL <br />CODE ESTABLISHING REGULATIONS PERTAINING <br />TO SECOND FAMILY RESIDENTIAL UNITS ON <br />SINGLE - FAMILY LOTS IN THE CITY OF <br />NEWPORT BEACH, <br />