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Received After Agenda Printed <br />June 11, 2019 <br />Item No. SS3 <br />From: Carmen Rawson carmen rawson@att.net3 <br />Sent: Tuesday, June 1.1, 2019 9:1.3 AM <br />To: Jurjis, Seimone <br />Cc: Dept - City Council <br />Subject: Comments to Municipal Code Chapter 5.95 Short Term Lodging Permit <br />Attachments: City Council Mtg 2019-05-11_Comments to MC Chapter 5.95.pdf <br />Good morning Seimone, <br />Please refer to the attached file with some comments to the subject regulation. I believe it is important to define "Guest" <br />and "Host" as the lodging contracts are signed by said parties. <br />As residents of Newport Beach owning property with a short term lodging permit since 1992 my husband Ken and I have <br />used throughout the years the services of a local property management company (defined as "Agent") to advertise, book <br />and manage the lodging units we have. <br />Before the proliferation of internet "Hosting Platforms" (i.e. Airbnb, HomeAway [VRBG], etc) if an Agent booked a lodging <br />unit to a "bad"Guest, the Guest name was added to the "Do Not Re -rent" blacklist. That was the"tool" used to avert the <br />type of Guest we do not want in our properties - in our city (noisy, loud, too large of a group, etc). <br />With the reality of having to use Hosting Platforms, to be able to book a lodging unit, the "Guest blacklist" does not work <br />as it used to because the Host (either an Owner or an Agent) does not have total control of the booking transaction <br />process as many rules are set up by the Hosting Platforms (sometimes independent of what a Host would want or <br />independent of the local rules and regulations), Because the lodging units are "Rated" by "Guest Reviews", in the Hosting <br />Platforms, some Agents acting as Hosts may care more about having "good reviews" from guests rather than truly <br />enforcing the "house rules". We, the owner of lodging units having an Agent as the Host, have experienced this. <br />Few years ago we had a very large/loud group in one of our lodging units. We live at the property so we called the Agent <br />to come by the property and take action (as they were the Host who had a signed lodging contract with the Guest). The <br />Agent showed up and did nothing. I personally took action by asking the Guest to remove visitors from the unit and to <br />quiet down. 1 had to do that several times and what the Agent worried about was the "bad review" the Guest finally left in <br />the Hosting Platform. <br />Why am I bringing up this issue? Article 5.95.025 Agency states on the last sentence "... failure of an agent to comply <br />with this chapter shall be deemed non-compliance by the owner...". Additionally, Section 5.95.050 <br />Violations/Penalties/Revocation focuses on holding the property owner liable, and not the Host. <br />I understand and agree that as Owner I have responsibility to comply with the Municipal Code regulations. In addition to <br />that I strongly believe Agents, when acting as Hosts, should also be held accountable because they are the legal party of <br />a lodging contract with a Guest. I am requesting herein for you to take this into consideration as part of updating Chapter <br />5.95 Short Term Lodging Permit. <br />Sincerely, <br />Carmen Rawson <br />