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COUNCIL <br />gor <br />ROLL <br />40 <br />Motion <br />All Ayes <br />• <br />is <br />X <br />CITY OF NEWPORT BEACH <br />MINUTES <br />August 13, 1990 <br />Recycled report from the Planning <br />Department:, dated July 9, 1990. <br />Communication from Annette Bell in support <br />of Mr. Minney's application. <br />The City clerk advised that after the <br />agenda was printed, a letter was received <br />from Owen. Minney, .applicant, requesting <br />this item be removed from the calendar and <br />rescheduled for a later date. <br />There being no objections, motion was made <br />to review the commercial /residential mixed - <br />use issue at a future study session; close <br />the subject hearing; and remove this item <br />from the calendar as requested. <br />2. Mayor Plummer opened the public hearing.and <br />City Council review of USE PERMIT NO. 1758 <br />(AMENDED)., A request of NINA'S NEWPORT <br />BEACH, to amend a previously approved use <br />permit which allowed the establishment of <br />a private club with on -sale alcoholic <br />beverages, live entertainment, dancing, and <br />off -site parking with a full -time valet <br />parking service. The proposed amendment <br />includes it request to expand the hours <br />of operation of the club so as to allow a <br />6:00 p.m. opening, whereas the existing <br />hours of operation are limited from 9:00 <br />p.m. to 2:00 a.m. daily. The proposal also <br />includes a request to formally amend a <br />previously approved off -site parking <br />agreement so as to allow the use of nine <br />parking spaces in the Lido Building parking <br />lot during the expanded hours of operation. <br />The proposal also includes a request to <br />approve a second off -site parking <br />arrangement on an informal basis involving <br />the parking lot at the southeasterly corner <br />of 32nd Street and Villa Way so as to <br />provide a. portion of the required off - <br />street parking during the expanded hours of <br />operation„ Property located at 3388 Via <br />Lido, adjacent to Lido Marina village, on <br />the northeasterly side of Via Lido between <br />Via Oporto and Via Malaga. <br />Report from the Planning Department. <br />The City Clerk advised that after the <br />agenda was printed, three letters were <br />received in opposition to the request for <br />expanded hours, etc., from 1) First Church <br />of Christ Scientist; 2) Lido Isle Community <br />Association; and 3) Louise Greeley, 16 <br />Swift Court. <br />Volume 44 - Page 264. <br />U/P 1758(A) <br />Ninacs <br />(88) <br />