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Received After Agenda Printed <br />June 25, 2019 <br />Item #18 <br />June 25, 2019 <br />To: Honorable Mayor Dixon and Members of the City Council <br />From: Dennis Lockard, Newport Beach Deputy Chief, Fire Marshal (Retired) <br />Subject: Dock Application, 939 Via Lido Soud, Newport Beach <br />Good Evening, <br />I am Dennis Lockard, a former Deputy Chief Fire Marshal for the City of Newport Beach. <br />I have had the pleasure of serving the City for over a decade and witnessed the operations, that were <br />then Harbor Resources, now the Harbor Department for Newport Beach. <br />Retiring in 2005 1 have remained active in the community and am a member of Fleet One of the Harbor <br />20's. <br />Over the past decade I have witnessed the contributions of Mark and Shana Conzelman to the boating <br />community. Serving the is their passion and their kindness, generosity and willingness to do whatever ti <br />takes amazes everyone, residents and visitors alike. <br />When I heard Mark and Shana were planning to modernize their dock I was, of course in support and <br />interested in the process. <br />My previous experience, as part of the Executive Team leading the Newport Beach Fire and Marine <br />Department made me keenly aware of the importance of the dock owners as the most vital part of the <br />Newport Beach marine life experience! <br />When I joined the Newport Beach Fire Department it was just the Fire Department. Then, as the City <br />began to modernize and streamline leadership the Lifeguards and Harbor Resources were combined <br />with the Fire Department as Newport Beach Fire and Marine Department. <br />Tony Melum led the Marine Division with Wes Armand and others including Chris Miller were <br />responsible to serve and protect Newport Harbor. <br />Some months ago I attended the Harbor Commission Hearing to approve the new dock design for 939 <br />Via Lido Soud and was surprised when it was reported that the current dock at 939 was "illegal" and not <br />built according to the plans with the City <br />I reached out to Tony Melum, the Chief in charge of the Harbor Division last week to confirm some of <br />the facts regarding the issues related to permitting and inspections of docks seeking how the division <br />was operated under his command. <br />Tony confirmed in the years from 1996 to 1998 Wes Armand, with the Harbor Division, was assigned to <br />inspect all structures in the harbor to confirm all docks and moorings were in good repair and fully <br />compliant with City codes and regulations. The document attached will confirm Wes's findings in 1998 <br />for the dock at 939 Via Lido Soud. <br />