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0 <br />CITY OF NEWPORT BEACH <br />City Council Minutes <br />Regular Meeting <br />February 24, 1997 - 7:00 p.m. <br />CLOSED SESSION - 5:00 P.M. <br />INDEX <br />None <br />RECESSED AND RECONVENED AT 7 :00 P.M. FOR REGULAR MEETING <br />ROLL CALL <br />Present: O'Neil, Edwards, Hedges, Glover, Noyes, Mayor Debay <br />Absent: Thomson <br />Pledge of Allegiance - Mayor Pro Tem Edwards. <br />Invocation by Helen McFarland, Second Church of Christ Scientist. <br />Presentation of Proclamation to Mr. James E. Thompson, Chairperson of <br />Gateway to Newport's Balboa Peninsula Citizens Committee. <br />• Waived reading of the Minutes of the Adjourned Regular (Study Session) <br />Meeting and Regular Meeting of February 10, 1997, approved as written <br />and ordered filed; waived reading of Ordinances and Resolutions under <br />consideration, and directed City Clerk to read by titles only. The motion <br />carried by the following roll call vote: <br />Ayes: <br />O'Neil, Edwards, Hedges, Glover, Noyes, Mayor Debay <br />Noes: <br />None <br />Absent: <br />Thomson <br />Abstain: <br />None <br />MATTERS WHICH COUNCIL MEMBERS WOULD LD{E PLACED ON A <br />FUTURE AGENDA FOR DISCUSSION. ACTION OR REPORT (NON- <br />Council Member Hedges requested that the Police Department implement <br />the 311 notification system for non - emergency calls. <br />• Council Member Hedges requested that staff meet with the Bay Island <br />Association regarding tree trimming /mulching services to request that they <br />move that operation more towards the commercial area and transport the <br />waste off -site so it won't have such an adverse impact on the surrounding <br />community. If that is unsuccessful, he requested that he be advised so more <br />formal efforts can be pursued. <br />• Council Member Glover requested a report from the City Manager on the <br />balance of housing on apartment units versus single family /condominium <br />Volume 51 - Page 113 <br />