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• <br />C J <br />City of Newport Beach <br />City Council Minutes <br />February 24, 1997 <br />units; and a report on the apartments that are being built in Newport Center <br />on Santa Barbara regarding the setbacks. <br />Council Member Glover requested a speed survey and volume count on <br />Santiago in the very near future. <br />Council Member Noyes recognized Officer Tom Monarch and his work with <br />the DARE program. <br />Council Member Hedges requested information on how long the DARE <br />program has existed in the City and statistics on what the drug use was for <br />graduating students when it was instituted versus what it is now. <br />CONSENT CALENDAR <br />1. INTRODUCE ORDINANCE NO. 97.12 AMENDING SECTIONS <br />5.28.010, 5.28.035, 5.28.040 AND 5.28.090 OF CHAPTER 5.28 OF THE <br />NBMC PERTAINING TO LIVE ENTERTAINMENT ESTABLISH- <br />MENTS. <br />ORDINANCE FOR ADOPTION <br />2. Removed from Consent Calendar. <br />3. ADOPT RESOLUTION NO. 97 -17 ORDERING SUMMARY VACATION <br />AND ABANDONMENT OF A STREET AND HIGHWAY EASEMENT <br />OVER A PORTION OF UNIVERSITY DRIVE LYING EASTERLY OF <br />IRVINE AVENUE FOR STREET AND HIGHWAY PURPOSES TO THE <br />CITY OF NEWPORT BEACH PER GRANT OF EASEMENT <br />RECORDED IN BOOK 8152 PAGE 562 AND PER DOCUMENT NO. 82- <br />232549, BOTH OF OFFICIAL RECORDS FILED IN THE OFFICE OF <br />THE ORANGE COUNTY RECORDER. Adopt resolution and direct the <br />City Clerk to have the resolution recorded by the County Recorder. <br />4. ADOPT RESOLUTION NO. 97 -_ AUTHORIZING A SOLE SOURCE <br />PURCHASE OF EQUIPMENT FOR THE JOINT HELICOPTER <br />PROGRAM OPERATED BY COSTA MESA AND NEWPORT BEACH <br />(ABLE) (CONTRACT NO. 3011). Continue to March 10, 1997. <br />CONTRACTS AND AGREEMENTS <br />5. COMPLETION AND ACCEPTANCE OF OCEAN FRONT STREET <br />END IMPROVEMENTS FROM 51sT STREET TO 55TH STREET <br />(CONTRACT NO. 3081). Accept the work; authorize the City Clerk to file a <br />• Notice of Completion; and authorize the City Clerk to release the bonds 35 <br />days after the Notice of Completion has been recorded in accordance with <br />applicable portions of the Civil Code. <br />Volume 51 - Page 114 <br />I hll <br />Ord 97 -12 <br />Live Entertainment <br />(27) <br />Vacation & <br />Abandonment/ <br />University Dr <br />Res 97 -17 <br />(90) <br />(No report) <br />Ocean Front <br />St End Improve <br />51st -55th Sts <br />C -3081 <br />(38) <br />