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Fire Station No. 2 Replacement Project — Acceptance of Conceptual Design <br />September 24, 2019 <br />Page 2 <br />DISCUSSION: <br />The Lido Fire Station No. 2 project is currently included as a planned project within the <br />City's Facilities Financing Plan. A conceptual design for the replacement of Fire Station <br />No. 2 has now been developed by WLC Architects, with input from the Fire Department <br />and the community. Three preliminary exterior concepts were presented to the public at <br />a community meeting on September 10, 2018, including `Modern', `Urban Contemporary' <br />and `Lido' styles. There was substantial support for the `Lido' option, but there were also <br />some requests for a fourth option. At the public's request, a fourth option was prepared <br />which included an exterior with a brick fagade (Attachment B). <br />On June 3, 2019, at Mayor Dixon's District 1 Town Hall Meeting at Marina Park, all four <br />options were presented and again the `Lido' option received overwhelming support. The <br />feedback received from attendees at both meetings supported the `Lido' option. This <br />option meets the public's expectations and reflects the community's architecture style. <br />The concept design shows an 11,068 square foot fire station (Attachment C) that <br />includes: <br />4,316 square foot apparatus bay with three doors; <br />• Secure medical storage room; <br />• Twelve dorm rooms; <br />• 30 person locker turnout; <br />• Improved kitchen, day room and fitness areas; <br />• Extractor room and wash down areas for contaminated clothing and gear; <br />• On-site parking for fire personnel; and <br />• A separate on-site public restroom facility. <br />In addition, given the location of the proposed new fire station, for fire crews to efficiently <br />depart the new station and enter onto both Newport Boulevard or Balboa Boulevard, a <br />new traffic signal will be constructed at Newport Boulevard (Southbound) and 28th Street. <br />Both this new signal and the existing signal at Newport Boulevard (Northbound) and <br />28th Street will be tied to the fire station and coordinated to operate with the departing fire <br />apparatus (Attachment D). <br />As a key part of the concept development, the Fire Department formed a review <br />committee consisting of fire personnel familiar with the requirements for this station. The <br />Fire Department review committee worked alongside Public Works staff and the design <br />consultant to develop and refine the new station layout. The Fire Department supports <br />this concept plan as it addresses the essential functions for this station. <br />Cost Estimate <br />The estimated total fire station facility project cost (design, construction, incidentals) is <br />$9,564,500 and itemized below. <br />21-2 <br />