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CITY OF NEWPORT BEACH <br />• City Council Minutes <br />Adjourned Regular Meeting <br />January 30, 1999 - 8:00 a.m. <br />ROLL CALL <br />INDEX <br />Present: Adams, Glover, Thomson, Debay, Ridgeway, Noyes, Mayor O'Neil <br />Absent: None <br />1. WELCOME AND INTRODUCTORY REMARKS <br />Mayor O Neil welcomed the staff, the Council and requested that the <br />members of the community introduce themselves. He announced that the <br />facilitator for the meeting is John Shannon, whose firm is handling the <br />recruitment for the new city manager. <br />2. GOAL SETTING CONFERENCE OVERVIEW <br />City Council/City Manager Form of Government <br />John Shannon explained the Council/Manager form of government and how <br />it has evolved in Newport Beach. He explained the history of the <br />• Council/Manager form of government pointing out that it formed in the early <br />1900's and it is the predominant type of management for local government <br />across the country. At the time it was formed it was a response to various <br />types of political corruption that was occurring across the country and it was <br />formed to create stability and a sense of integrity to government. The way <br />that this form of government works with the City's Charter is that it places <br />the full responsibility of the political leadership of the community on the <br />Mayor,and the Council and it combines with that the expertise of the chief <br />executive officer and a highly trained staff of professionals to implement the <br />Council's policy and direction. The power under this model is centralized in <br />the Council and in the Council acting as seven members. It provides the <br />ultimate in responsiveness to the community in that the Council has the <br />complete and direct control over the operations of the organization through <br />the City Manager. He gave a comparison of this type of government to that <br />which has directly elected chief administrative officers (i.e. county <br />government). The Council's function under this arrangement as it is laid out <br />in the Charter is to serve as the legislative body, to provide the vision for the <br />community, to set the priorities and to hold the organization accountable for <br />the achievement of the Council's priorities and objectives through the <br />manager. The focus on this form of government is on the Council and if you <br />do a parallel to the private sector, the Council functions as the board of <br />directors and the manager functions as the president and chief executive <br />officer. The manager function under this form and the way it is laid out in <br />the City's Charter is consistent with the way it is done across the country. <br />The manager is hired by the Council and can be removed by the Council at <br />• their will, however there is a provision in the Charter that provides a 90 -day <br />cooling off period after municipal elections. Under the City's Charter the <br />City Manager is responsible for the budget and is responsible for the <br />appointment and management of all staff except other Council appointed <br />officials. The manager serves as the chief policy advisor to the Council and <br />Volume 52 - Page 312 <br />