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v <br />0 <br />State of California <br />The Natural Resources Agency - GRANT AGREEMENT <br />GRANTEE NAME: City of Newport Beach <br />PROJECT TITLE: Newport Bay Water Wheel Project <br />AUTHORITY: The Water Quality, Supply, and Infrastructure Improvement Fund Bond Act of 2014: <br />Proposition 1 <br />PROGRAM: Ocean Protection Council APPROVED AS TO FORM: <br />AGREEMENT NUMBER: P01-2-08 <br />CITY ATTORNEY'S OFFICE <br />Date; <br />PROJECT COMPLETION DATE IS: March 30, 2022 <br />Fy <br />PROJECT TERMINATION DATE IS: June 30, 2022 <br />Under the terms and conditions of this agreement, the applicant agrees to complete the project as descnbfd <br />any subsequent amendments, and the State of California, acting through the Natural Resources Agency purs Qty A#oM09re <br />project up to the total state grant amount indicated. <br />PROJECT DESCRIPTION: See project description on Page 1 and Exhibit A of the Agreement <br />Total State Grant not to exceed $1,680,000 (or project costs, whichever is less) <br />The Special and General Provisions attached are made a part of and incorporated into the Agreement. <br />City of Newport Beach STATE OF CALIFORNIA <br />THE NATURAL RESOURCES AGENCY <br />By By <br />Grase-Leuu4 C64 20 t- SA -t. P6S Deborah Halberstadt <br />Title fi *Uaaager r'r—� ✓tq (a.111 1" C, !,t e r Title Deputy Secretary for Ocean and Coastal Policy <br />Date JU,nt� '71 2Q(q Date <br />CERTIFICATION OF FUNDING <br />AMOUNT OF ESTIMATE <br />FUNDING <br />AGREEMENT NUMBER <br />FUND <br />$1,680,000 <br />P01-2-08 <br />6083 - Water Quality, Supply, and Infrastructure <br />Improvement Local Assistance (Prop 1) <br />ADJ. INCREASING <br />ENCUMBRANCE <br />ADJ. DECREASING <br />ENCUMBRANCE <br />FUNCTION <br />$ <br />Local Assistance <br />UNENCUMBERED BALANCE <br />Ref Number <br />Fund <br />Enactment <br />Year EN <br />Account <br />Number <br />Alt Account <br />$ <br />101 <br />6083 <br />2017 <br />5432000 <br />000000000 <br />Program <br />PCBU <br />Project <br />Activity <br />RPTG <br />Structure <br />SVC Loc <br />Agency Use <br />Budget Period <br />0320 <br />0540 <br />0540OP01208 <br />23104 <br />05400001 <br />23104 <br />B6122 <br />2018 <br />I hereby certify upon my personal knowledge that budgeted funds are available for this encumbrance <br />SIGNATURE OF ACCOUNTING OFFICER <br />DATE <br />