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City of Newport Beach <br />City Council Minutes <br />September 12, 2000 <br />INDEX <br />been in affect when the Old Newport SAP was proposed and the people <br />approved the SAP, the 145 dwelling units would not have counted toward <br />the initiative and the project would have gone forward without an election. <br />Assuming that Greenlight was in affect when the Old Newport SAP was <br />proposed and the people disapproved the SAP, he indicated that there would <br />be no units to count and the project would have still gone forward without an <br />election. Mr. Hyans indicated that, if Greenlight was introduced after the <br />1992 SAP was adopted, it is stated in the initiative that "the City is <br />encouraged to adopt guidelines to implement the Greenlight amendment and <br />that such guidelines could include resetting any or all concurrently <br />cumulative amendments for dwelling units, daily trips, and square feet of <br />commercial space back to zero." Mr. Hyans stated that, contrary to what is <br />being read daily in paid ads, Greenlight will not stand in the way of 100 <br />square foot office additions, school expansions, church meeting halls, <br />restaurant renovations, or fire stations. He indicated that Greenlight will <br />require, but preclude at the same time, the need for public concurrence on <br />the really big and onerous projects beyond entitlement. He asked that <br />Council not allow staff to join Greenlight's opponents. He expressed the <br />opinion that Greenlight is a logical, thoughtful, and reasonable document <br />that was authored by the same people who authored the Traffic Phasing <br />Ordinance (TPO). Further, Greenlight will restore the TPO which served <br />the City well for 22 years until it was modified last November. <br />PUBLIC HEARING <br />17. NEWPORT DUNES RESORT (NEWPORT DUNES PARTNERSHIP, <br />GPA 97 -3(F) <br />APPLICANT) - A GENERAL PLAN AMENDMENT, ZONING CODE <br />PCA 878 <br />AMENDMENT, AND PLANNED COMMUNITY DISTRICT PLAN FOR <br />Newport Dunes <br />THE 100 -ACRE NEWPORT DUNES PROPERTY AND A <br />Resort <br />CONCEPTUAL PRECISE PLAN FOR A HOTEL AND TIME -SHARE <br />(45) <br />COMPLEX WITH CONFERENCE, MEETING, AND BANQUET <br />FACILITIES, RESTAURANTS, A HEALTH CLUB AND SPA, RETAIL <br />AND SERVICES AREAS, AND SWIMMING POOLS AND <br />LANDSCAPED GARDEN AREAS (contd. from 6/27/00). <br />Motion by Mayor Noyes to remove this item from the calendar at the <br />request of the applicant. <br />The motion carried by the following roll call vote: <br />Ayes: Thomson, Glover, Adams, Debay, Ridgeway, O'Neil, Mayor Noyes <br />Noes: None <br />Abstain: None <br />Absent: None <br />CURRENT BUSINESS <br />18. SUMMER MEETING SCHEDULE. <br />Summer <br />Meeting <br />Motion by Council Member O'Neil to table this item. <br />Schedule <br />(33) <br />Volume 53 - Page 592 <br />