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City of Newport Beach <br />City Council Minutes <br />June 13, 2000 <br />• 28. NEWPORT DUNES RESORT (NEWPORT DUNES PARTNERSHIP, <br />APPLICANT) - A GENERAL PLAN AMENDMENT, LOCAL COASTAL <br />PROGRAM LAND USE PLAN AMENDMENT, ZONING CODE <br />AMENDMENT, AND PLANNED COMMUNITY DISTRICT PLAN FOR <br />THE 100 -ACRE NEWPORT DUNES PROPERTY AND A <br />CONCEPTUAL PRECISE PLAN FOR A HOTEL AND TIME -SHARE <br />COMPLEX WITH CONFERENCE, MEETING, AND BANQUET <br />FACILITIES, RESTAURANTS, A HEALTH CLUB AND SPA, RETAIL <br />AND SERVICES AREAS, AND SWIMMING POOLS AND <br />LANDSCAPED GARDEN AREAS. <br />Regarding the Newport Dunes Public Hearing, Mayor Noyes reiterated that <br />Council will first receive reports from staff, Planning Commission Chairman <br />Ed Selich on the process they went through, the applicant, the <br />Environmental Quality Affairs Citizens Advisory Committee, and then the <br />group of homeowners around the Dunes. He stated that the meeting will be <br />adjourned at midnight. <br />Assistant City Manager Wood stated that she will not be going into detail <br />about this project but pointed out that, given the pounds of paper that staff <br />delivered to Council, there has obviously been a great deal of analysis. She <br />indicated that staff believes that they have a good planned community, <br />including design guidelines, that will give the City more input into and <br />control over how this project would be sited. Further, the environmental <br />• impact report has covered all the issues, been prepared in a matter that <br />satisfies the requirements of State law, and that all but four of the <br />significant environmental impacts that were found have been mitigated. <br />Ms. Wood stated that the policy question for Council is whether the General <br />Plan Amendment should be approved, whether a project larger than that <br />allowed by the settlement agreement is in the best interest of the City, and if <br />the project provides enough benefits to the City so it outweighs the four <br />remaining environmental impacts that could not be mitigated (traffic at <br />Coast Highway and Marguerite, long term air quality, short term air quality, <br />visual and aesthetic impacts). She reported that Senior Planner Patrick <br />Alford, Traffic Engineer Rich Edmonston, Deborah Pracilio and Steven Ross <br />from LSA, and Heather Nix from WPA Traffic Engineer are present to <br />answer questions. <br />Ed Selich, Chairman of the Planning Commission, stated that the Planning <br />Commission is the primary advisory body on land use, planning, and zoning <br />matters. He indicated that Council requested that he explain the process the <br />Commission went through, the conclusions reached, and how they reached <br />them because of the time the Commission spent reviewing the Dunes project <br />and the number of meetings it held. He reported that the Commission <br />conducted two study sessions in the fall of 1999 to review the project and the <br />early environmental documentation. This also gave the Commission an <br />early orientation to the project and allowed them to present the project as a <br />discussion item at a later regular meeting. He stated that they started the <br />• public hearing process in January which eventually totaled seven hearings <br />over five months. Noting the importance of public participation, he indicated <br />that they made all possible attempts to publicize the meetings through the <br />legal notification process, as well as using the local press. Mr. Selich stated <br />Volume 53 - Page 427 <br />INDEX <br />Newport Dunes <br />Resort/ <br />GPA 97 -3(F)/ <br />PCA 878 <br />(45) <br />