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J <br />• <br />• <br />City of Newport Beach <br />City Council Minutes <br />June 13, 2000 <br />Coast Highway/Marguerite intersection which has a long range problem <br />with or without the project. Regarding concerns expressed by the public that <br />the Bayside Drive and Coast Highway intersection, bridge across the bay, <br />and Bayside Drive would be severely impacted, he stated that the <br />Commission felt that the traffic studies did not support those concerns. <br />However, the Commission did approve a gated entry concept to be shared by <br />Bayside Village and the hotel as a way to ensure that Bayside Village would <br />have less of an impact from the hotel. <br />Mr. Selich stated that parking was a major concern for the Commission and <br />the public that testified. He reported that the parking demand analysis <br />concluded that there was sufficient parking if the entire Dunes property was <br />considered. However, the Commission was sufficiently concerned about this <br />to condition that a Parking Management Plan be developed and brought <br />back to the Commission for review and approval. Further, he reported that <br />the Commission added conditions on noise control that was more restrictive <br />than the current noise ordinance; added conditions for a detailed lighting <br />plan; and the mitigation measures contained in the Environmental Impact <br />Report place a host of water quality conditions on the project to ensure that <br />the water quality of the bay is maintained. He reported that the <br />Commission also placed quality and design controls in the development <br />agreement and Planning Commission zoning text to ensure that the project <br />is constructed to the highest standards and subject to further review by the <br />Commission for detailed architectural design, including color and materials, <br />detailed landscaping, parking and parking management, and onsite <br />circulation and access. Through the Planning Commission zoning text, the <br />Commission was also able to get an improved public walkway system around <br />the lagoon which will be more inviting and pedestrian - friendly to the public <br />than what presently exists. <br />Mr. Selich indicated that he compiled a comparison of what he thought were <br />the 13 most important aspects of the project and how they compared under <br />the settlement agreement and the proposed project. The following is a <br />summary of the comparison: <br />Issue <br />Settlement Agreement <br />1. Traffic <br />about 4,000 trip /day <br />2. Height <br />3 story; 38.5' maximum <br />3. <br />Floor Area <br />530,000 sq. ft. <br />4. <br />Rooms <br />275 rooms <br />5. <br />Conference <br />400 people; no max sq. ft. <br />6. <br />Location <br />No control <br />7. <br />Building <br />No control <br />Design <br />8. <br />Site Design <br />No control <br />9. <br />Noise <br />No control above noise <br />ordinance <br />10. <br />Lighting <br />No control above ordinance <br />Recommended Proieet <br />about 4,000 trip /day <br />Traffic neutral with permitted project <br />4 story; 16% above 3 story. <br />62' (72' msl) at elevator tower. <br />52.5' (62.5' msl) at 4'^ story. <br />Within T of Bay Club tower, <br />10' below average bluff height. <br />581,000 sq. ft., 10% increase <br />470 -150 RVs = 320 - 275 =45 net increase <br />31,000 sq. ft.; peak hour control, <br />maximum number in summer <br />Control location through use permit <br />Control design features & quality with <br />use permit & development agreement <br />Control site design through use permit <br />Control through use permit <br />Control through use permit <br />Volume 53 - Page 431 <br />INDEX <br />