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City of Newport Beach <br />City Council Minutes <br />June 27, 2000 <br />• APPLICANT) - A GENERAL PLAN AMENDMENT, LOCAL COASTAL <br />PROGRAM LAND USE PLAN AMENDMENT, ZONING CODE <br />AMENDMENT, AND PLANNED COMMUNITY DISTRICT PLAN FOR <br />THE 100 -ACRE NEWPORT DUNES PROPERTY AND A <br />CONCEPTUAL PRECISE PLAN FOR A HOTEL AND TIME -SHARE <br />COMPLEX WITH CONFERENCE, MEETING, AND BANQUET <br />FACILITIES, RESTAURANTS, A HEALTH CLUB AND SPA, RETAIL <br />AND SERVICES AREAS, AND SWIMMING POOLS AND <br />LANDSCAPED GARDEN AREAS (contd. from 6/13/00). <br />Mayor Noyes stated that Ed Selich, Chairman of the Planning Commission, <br />made a presentation at the City Council meeting of June 13, 2000, that <br />outlined the process used by the Planning Commission to evaluate the <br />proposed Newport Dunes Resort project. <br />Mayor Noyes announced that the hearing would be closed at 12:00 a.m. and <br />that a fifteen- minute break would take place at 9:45 p.m. He stated that <br />presentations would be provided by the applicant, the Environmental <br />Quality Affairs Citizens Advisory Committee (EQAC) and a group of <br />residents who live around the bay. He stated that these presentations would <br />be followed by individual testimony. <br />Planning Director Temple began by comparing the development with the <br />settlement agreement, which was adopted and approved by the County, the <br />• City and the applicant. She stated that the existing facilities include: 7500 <br />square feet of marine repair facility and coffee shop, a meeting room that <br />seats 100 people, 7000 square feet of office and administrative headquarters, <br />a 440 -space recreational vehicle (RV) park with supporting facilities, a 200 - <br />boat marina with supporting facilities, a 400 -apace dry boat storage area, a <br />6 -lane boat launching ramp and a 185 -space boat trailer storage. <br />Planning Director Temple stated that the settlement agreement does <br />envision additional development, including a 275 -room family inn to be <br />located on the west side of the swimming lagoon. She stated that the family <br />inn is required to have kitchen facilities in 40% of the units, is allowed to <br />have recreational and fitness equipment, but is not allowed any permanent <br />audio /visual facilities or equipment. She stated that the total size of the <br />facility can be up to 500,000 square feet with a height limit of 38.5 feet, and <br />a pitched roof requirement. Planning Director Temple stated that a 12,500 - <br />square foot net public area restaurant located adjacent to, or within, the <br />family inn is also permitted. Additionally, a 15,000- square foot net public <br />area freestanding restaurant is permitted under the settlement agreement. <br />She explained that "net public area" in reference to restaurants is usually <br />60% of the overall total. Planning Director Temple stated that the <br />settlement agreement also allows for 5000 square feet of freestanding <br />commercial and office space. <br />Council Member O'Neil asked for the City Attorney to explain the settlement <br />agreement, what it settled and if the proposed recommendation of the <br />• Planning Commission would violate it. City Attorney Burnham stated that <br />the settlement agreement resolved litigation that was filed by the City <br />against the County, related to the approval of the redevelopment plan for the <br />Volume 53 - Page 458 <br />110011 D11 <br />Resort/ <br />GPA 97 -3(F)/ <br />PCA 878 <br />(45) <br />