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NEWPORT BEACH PLANNING COMMISSION MINUTES <br /> CITY COUNCIL CHAMBERS- 100 CIVIC CENTER DRIVE <br /> THURSDAY, OCTOBER 17, 2019 <br /> REGULAR MEETING-6:30 P.M. <br /> I. CALL TO ORDER-The meeting was called to order at 6:31 p.m. <br /> II. PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE-Commissioner Ellmore <br /> III. ROLL CALL <br /> PRESENT: Chair Peter Koetting, Vice Chair Erik Weigand, Secretary Lee Lowrey, Commissioner Curtis <br /> Ellmore, Commissioner Sarah Klaustermeier, Commissioner Lauren Kleiman, Commissioner <br /> Mark Rosene <br /> ABSENT: None <br /> Staff Present: Community Development Director Seimone Jurjis, Deputy Community Development Director Jim <br /> Campbell, Assistant City Attorney Yolanda Summerhill, Senior Engineer David Keely, Principal Planner Jaime <br /> Murillo, Associate Planner Makana Nova, Administrative Support Specialist Clarivel Rodriguez, Administrative <br /> Support Technician Amanda Lee <br /> IV. PUBLIC COMMENTS <br /> None <br /> V. REQUEST FOR CONTINUANCES <br /> Deputy Community Development Director Jim Campbell advised that Item Number 3, appeal of the Sheehy <br /> residence project, should be continued to November 21, 2019. <br /> VI. CONSENT ITEMS <br /> ITEM NO. 1 MINUTES OF OCTOBER 3,2019 <br /> Recommended Action: Approve and file <br /> Motion made by Vice Chair Weigand and seconded by Chair Koetting to approve the minutes of the October <br /> 3, 2019 meeting as presented. <br /> AYES: Koetting, Weigand, Klaustermeier, Rosene <br /> NOES: <br /> ABSTAIN: Lowrey, Ellmore, Kleiman <br /> ABSENT: <br /> VII. PUBLIC HEARING ITEMS <br /> ITEM NO.2 OFFICE AND PARKING STRUCTURE(PA2019-023) <br /> Site Location: 215 Riverside Avenue <br /> Summary: <br /> A coastal development permit to demolish an existing restaurantloffice building and associated surface <br /> parking lot, and to construct a new 41-space, two-level parking structure and a 2,744-square-foot office <br /> building. A conditional use permit is required to authorize the parking structure adjacent to residentially <br /> zoned property. The project includes hardscape, drainage, and landscape improvements. The proposed <br /> development complies with all applicable development standards including height, setbacks, and floor <br /> area limits. <br /> 1 of 12 <br />