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�EWPpRT <br /> p� e CITY OF NEWPORT BEACH <br /> PLANNING COMMISSION STAFF REPORT <br /> ra November 21, 2019 <br /> C'9C,F00.NP Agenda Item No. 2 <br /> SUBJECT: Newport Auto Center Use Permit Review (PA2017-097) <br /> Conditional Use Permit No. UP2017-014 <br /> SITE LOCATION: 445 East Coast Highway and 1131 Back Bay Drive <br /> APPLICANT: Newport Auto Center <br /> OWNER: Newport Beach Cars, LLC <br /> PLANNER: Liz Westmoreland, Assistant Planner <br /> 949-644-3234, <br /> PROJECT SUMMARY <br /> A one-year review of Conditional Use Permit No. UP2017-014, as required by Condition <br /> of Approval No. 11 of Planning Commission Resolution No. 2067. The conditional use <br /> permit (CUP) authorized off-site employee parking and regulated continued use of the <br /> property for the Newport Auto Center dealership. The purpose of this review is to review <br /> compliance with the conditions of approval of the CUP as requested by the Planning <br /> Commission at the prior one-year review conducted in 2018. <br /> Staff found that the dealership operations are not in compliance with the CUP and <br /> recommends that the applicant apply for an amendment to the CUP or potentially face <br /> revocation or changes of their CUP in accordance with Newport Beach Municipal Code <br /> (NBMC) Section 20.68.050.B. <br /> RECOMMENDATION <br /> 1) Receive public comments; and <br /> 2) Direct the Applicant to apply for a Limited Term Permit by December 21, 2019, and <br /> an amendment to Conditional Use Permit No. UP2017-014 by February 28, 2020. <br /> INTRODUCTION <br /> Project Setting <br /> The Newport Auto Center automotive dealership is located at 445 East Coast Highway. <br /> As authorized by UP2017-014, the parking lot used for offsite employee parking is located <br /> on the east side of the Newport Dunes Resort and Marina near Back Bay Drive (1131 <br /> Back Bay Drive). The parking lot is also used as day use parking for visitors to the Dunes. <br /> 1 <br />