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�EWPpRT <br /> o� e CITY OF NEWPORT BEACH <br /> PLANNING COMMISSION STAFF REPORT <br /> r+� = November 21, 2019 <br /> Agenda Item No. 4 <br /> SUBJECT: Cottage Preservation Code and LCP Amendments (PA2019-181) <br /> ■ Code Amendment No. CA2019-006 <br /> ■ Local Coastal Program Amendment No. LC2019-004 <br /> SITE LOCATION: Citywide <br /> APPLICANT: City of Newport Beach <br /> PLANNER: Jaime Murillo, Principal Planner <br /> 949-644-3209 <br /> PROJECT SUMMARY <br /> The Planning Commission reviewed the proposed amendments on October 17, 2019, <br /> and voted to continue the item to allow staff additional time to revise certain aspects of <br /> the amendments. Staff has incorporated changes to address concerns raised at the <br /> hearing, including clarifying the applicability of the program, prohibiting short-term rentals, <br /> and reducing the amount of expansion permitted. <br /> The proposed amendments to the Local Coastal Program (Coastal Land Use Plan and <br /> Implementation Plan), Newport Beach Municipal Code (NBMC) Title 20 (Planning and <br /> Zoning), and NBMC Title 15 (Building and Construction) will provide a voluntary option for <br /> homeowners seeking to remodel, but preserve traditional beach cottages. Typically, <br /> cottages do not provide all the code-required parking and additions are limited to 10 percent <br /> of the existing floor area. The amendments would allow larger additions (up to 50 percent <br /> of the existing floor area or 500 square feet, whichever is greater) without providing the <br /> minimum code-required parking when the project would result in the preservation of the <br /> cottage character and building envelope that is representative of traditional development <br /> patterns in the City. Eligible projects would also receive relief from a building code <br /> valuation threshold requiring building code compliance as new construction. <br /> RECOMMENDATION <br /> 1) Conduct a public hearing; <br /> 2) Find this project exempt from the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) <br /> pursuant to Section 21065 of CEQA and State CEQA Guidelines Sections 15060 <br /> (c)(2), 15060 (c)(3), and 15378. The proposed action is also exempt pursuant to State <br /> CEQA Guidelines Section 15061(b)(3) because it has no potential to have a <br /> significant effect on the environment; <br /> 1 <br />