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COURTON & ASSOCIATES <br />3400 Irvine Avenue, suite 213, Newport Beach, CA 92660 17141 852-8010 <br />August 23, 1983 <br />Mr. Robert Burnham, City Attorney <br />City of Newport Beach <br />3300 Newport Boulevard <br />Newport Beach, California 92663 <br />46 <br />2015. Lake Avenue, 5(Nte�7bo,Pa4atle`;7 ,,SCA.91101 (213) 795-5988 <br />12} c� of i <br />rM <br />Subject: Statement of Support of Newport Dunes Redevelop- <br />ment Plan <br />Dear Bob: <br />The Newport Dunes will be submitting an application to the <br />Coastal Commission for a Coastal Development Permit in the <br />near future. A statement of support of the project concept <br />by the City of Newport Beach would significantly aid the <br />approval process. Please prepare a letter of support of the <br />concept proposed for the Newport Dunes redevelopment so we <br />may include it in our Coastal Development Permit application, <br />Thank you very much for your assistance. <br />Very truly yours, <br />COURTON & ASSOCIATES <br />Lawrence H. Buxton <br />President <br />CC: Bob Fisher <br />Bill Evans <br />EXHIBIT A <br />Environmental Research - Engineering • Planning . Governmental Relations <br />