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• • <br />DRAFT OF PROPOSED LETTER TO COASTAL COMMISSION <br />To: Chairman of the California Coastal Commission <br />Re: Application for Coastal Development Permit Submitted by <br />Newport Dunes, Inc. <br />The City of Newport Beach recommends approval of a Coastal <br />Development Permit authorizing the "redevelopment" of Newport <br />Dunes. This project, which is supported by the City of Newport <br />Beach, is described in detail in a Settlement Agreement <br />negotiated by the City of Newport Beach, the County of Orange and <br />Newport Dunes, Inc. This document, and the development <br />contemplated by it, is relatively complex, so we have taken the <br />liberty of enclosing a copy of the agreement. <br />The development authorized, and the conditions imposed thereon to <br />mitigate the impacts of that development on the City of Newport <br />Beach, represent a delicate balance. Any significant changes to <br />the project could upset that balance and frustrate the unique <br />cooperative efforts which culminated in the approval of the <br />agreement. <br />The provisions of the Coastal Act of 1976 were fully considered <br />by all parties during the negotiations which led to the <br />settlement agreement and we hope you share our feeling that the <br />project outlined in the agreement is consistent with the spirit <br />and interest of the Coastal Act. <br />A representative of the City of Newport Beach will be present to <br />advise members of the Commission of the reasons why approval of <br />the project, as outlined in the agreement, is important to the <br />City of Newport Beach. <br />Sincerely, <br />Evelyn Hart <br />Mayor <br />3 <br />g%811 8 <br />