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CITY OF NEWPORT BEACH <br />OFFICE OF THE CITY MANAGER <br />January 26, 1987 <br />TO: MAYOR AND CITY COUNCIL <br />FROM: EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT <br />SUBJECT: NEWPORT DUNES REDEVELOPMENT <br />SETTLEMENT AGREEMENT <br />Iouncil Agenda <br />tem No. F -3(e) <br />ACTION: If desired, qpprove and authorize Mayor <br />and City Clerk to execute an Amendment <br />to the Settlement Agreement with the <br />County of Orange regarding the redevelop- <br />ment of Newport Dunes. <br />JAN 2 6 i:BF <br />APPROVED <br />BACKGROUND: On May 17, 1983, the City entered a Settlement <br />Agreement providing for the redevelopment of the County - <br />owned area known as Newport Dunes. The agreement calls for <br />annual review of compliance with the agreement by the Joint <br />Harbor Review Committee. <br />This committee exists only on paper and has not met <br />during the last five to six years. In July of 1986 the <br />County requested City staff to consider an alternative <br />mechanism to monitor performance under the agreement. After <br />reviewing the agreement and discussing the planning and <br />building processes to be reviewed, it was determined that <br />the City's existing plan check and building inspection proc- <br />esses would effectively monitor the County's compliance with <br />the Settlement Agreement. Accordingly, the following amend- <br />ment to the agreement was proposed by City staff: <br />"City and County shall annually periodically <br />review the parties' performance of this <br />Agreement. At the first meeting of eeek <br />ealendar pear; the 3eint Harbor Review Eem- <br />mittee shall review the per €ermanee and <br />implementation of this Agreement; prepare <br />a report and previde eepies of the report <br />to the Eitp Eexneil and Beard of Supervisers- <br />In connection with such review, each party <br />shall have a reasonable opportunity to dis- <br />cuss matters which it believes have not <br />proceeded in accordance with this Agreement, <br />to receive from the other party information <br />relating to its position on such matters <br />and shall seek to resolve such matters by <br />negotiation." <br />