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A. Eastside Commercial Development: <br />Newport Dunes proposes to delete 5,000 square feet <br />of office /commercial development and a 5,000 <br />square foot restaurant that the Settlement <br />Agreement authorized on the east side of the <br />swimming lagoon near the pedestrian bridge. In <br />consideration of the elimination of this <br />development, Newport Dunes proposes to expand the <br />marina center from 5,000 square feet to 6,200 <br />square feet, plus an outdoor patio. The marina <br />center is intended to serve primarily those using <br />the launch facilities. The deletion of the marina <br />business and restaurant uses should more than <br />offset any increase in traffic generated by the <br />small proposed expansion of the marina center. <br />B. Boat Storage /Boat Launch Facilities: <br />Newport Dunes propose to modify the boat storage <br />and boat launch facilities, but the modifications <br />appear to be beneficial to the City and potential <br />users. The Settlement Agreement requires <br />facilities for the storage of 400 boats. However, <br />the original plan called for stacking boats in a <br />relatively small area. The proposed plan calls <br />for storage of all vessels at ground level and <br />this will be much more convenient for boat owners. <br />Boat storage and boat launch facilities are to be <br />served by an area equivalent to a 250 space (125 <br />car /trailer spaces) parking lot. The parking lot <br />will be configured to accommodate cars with boat <br />trailers and is intended also to satisfy the <br />parking requirements of the marina center. The <br />Settlement Agreement requires parking to be <br />provided in accordance with City zoning standards. <br />The City has no specific parking requirements for <br />boat storage or boat launching facilities, but the <br />marina center would require one space for each 250 <br />feet of net public area. Guidelines promulgated <br />by the State Department of Boating & Waterways <br />call for a sufficient number of parking spaces <br />"to meet the expected demand on a normal peak day <br />during the boating season." Studies conducted by <br />that agency suggest that typical parking <br />requirements are from 25 to 30 car /trailer spaces <br />per launching lane. (Approximately 150 spaces for <br />the 6 lane ramp at the Dunes). However, a six <br />month study conducted by the Dunes reveals an <br />average of 107 boats launched per day on the <br />weekends. Some of the vessels launched were from <br />the dry boat storage area which can provide <br />