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• F -9(a) <br />CITY OF NEWPORT BEACH <br />OFFICE OF THE CITY ATTORNEY <br />MEMORANDUM <br />December 4, 1989 <br />TO: Mayor and Members of the City Council <br />FROM: Robert H. Burnham <br />T ",1C:: <br />DEC 11 1989 <br />SUBJ: Study of Parking Demand for Phase II and <br />Phase III of Newport Dunes Redevelopment <br />Newport Dunes is ready to begin work on Phase II of its <br />Redevelopment Plan. Phase II contemplates expansion of the <br />existing marina from 230 to 430 slips and the construction of a <br />new restaurant on the former site of Anthony's Pier 2. <br />Construction of Phase III, the 275 room family inn, is not <br />expected to begin until 1991 or 1992. <br />The Newport Dunes Settlement Agreement does not specify the <br />precise number of parking spaces required for the development <br />encompassed in Phases II and III. Newport Dunes has commissioned <br />a parking study to analyze the peak parking demand of the final <br />two phases of the project (copy attached). The study is similar <br />to those considered by the City in approving the Four Seasons and <br />the Marriott expansion. According to the consultant, the marina, <br />restaurant and family inn would require a maximum of 867 spaces as <br />"stand alone" uses. However, the peak parking demand of each use <br />occurs at different times and the consultant believes 791 spaces <br />would be sufficient. Newport Dunes proposes to provide 939 <br />spaces. Rich Edmonston and Jim Hewicker have reviewed the parking <br />study, believe it accurately reflects likely parking demand, and <br />recommend approval. <br />We recommend the City Council determine that the peak parking <br />demand for Phases II and III of the Newport Dunes Project are as <br />is accurately evaluated in the report prepared by Weston Pringle & <br />Associates. We also recommend that Newport Dunes be required to <br />provide at least 550 parking spaces for the development specified <br />in Phase II and a total of 939 parking spaces for the development <br />��1V; <br />