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aF -9(a) <br />BY THE CITY COUNCIL <br />!! CITY OF NEWPORT BEACH <br />CITY OF NEWPORT BEACH <br />OFFICE OF THE CITY ATTORNEY FEB 2 61990 <br />1 6 <br />i p L <br />777-777 .Ll [ -L: ACL jarLam. <br />February 16, 1990 <br />TO: Mayor and Members of the City Council <br />FROM: Robert H. Burnham <br />SABJ: Newport Dunes Settlement Agreement <br />Water Quality Study <br />The Newport Dunes Settlement Agreement requires the owner to <br />prepare a Water Quality Study prior to constructing any <br />improvements in the mouth of the swimming lagoon. This requirement <br />stemmed from a concern that the construction of slips and /or the <br />pedestrian bridge could reduce tidal flushing action. <br />The consultant for Newport Dunes has completed the Water <br />Quality Study and a copy is attached as Exhibit A. The City has, <br />in the past, used this consultant to analyze water quality impacts <br />and staff believes the consultant is qualified to conduct the <br />study. The consultant has concluded that the proposed improvements <br />will have "a minimal impact on tidal flows in and out of the <br />lagoon." In fact, water quality may be slightly improved as a <br />result of the turbulence created by the structures. The dredging <br />of the area north of the improvements may reduce tidal current <br />velocity by 115 to 10 percent" but this reduction will be offset by <br />the slight increase in the depth of the channel through which water <br />flows. <br />Staff also asked the consultant to analyze the impact of the <br />structures on surface debris. As one would expect, the consultant <br />concluded the improvements would "increase the chance of trapping <br />any surface floating material ...." Newport Dunes has agreed to <br />manually remove debris on a regular basis and this should have the <br />effect of reducing surface debris in the Upper and Lower Bay. <br />