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CITY OF NEWPORT BEACH <br />OFFICE OF THE CITY ATTORNEY <br />F -9(a) <br />me <br />6c <br />June 5, 1990 <br />TO: Mayor and Members of the City Council <br />FROM: Robert H. Burnham <br />SUBJ: Newport Dunes Settlement Agreement <br />Request for Amendment to Construct <br />Marine Amenity Facilities <br />C — z3 %�Z <br />The Newport Dunes Settlement Agreement authorizes renovation <br />of the existing marina and the construction of 200 additional <br />slips, some of which are attached to the pedestrian bridge to be <br />built across the mouth of the swimming lagoon. Approximately 430 <br />slips will be available to the public upon completion of this phase <br />of the redevelopment project. Newport Dunes is asking for <br />permission to demolish existing marina office buildings and replace <br />them with two structures known as the Marina Center. <br />The Marina Center would consist of a 6,000 square foot <br />clubhouse and a 3,200 square foot storage building. The proposed <br />clubhouse includes space for Marina office personnel and "three <br />distinct recreational amenity areas." The amenity areas include a <br />television room, fitness center and club lounge. The storage <br />building consists of large lockers, laundry facilities, vending <br />machines and a storage area for Marina maintenance equipment. (A <br />complete description of the Marina Center uses is attached as <br />Exhibit A.) <br />The Planning Department, Marine Department and this office <br />have reviewed, and generally support, the Newport Dunes request. <br />However, we recommend the City Council approve the proposal subject <br />to certain conditions that will ensure the project does not <br />increase traffic, increase the demand for parking, or reduce bay <br />views from Pacific Coast Highway. The conditions, and the <br />rationale for their imposition, can be summarized as follows: <br />()V <br />