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- 2 - <br />1. FLOOR AREA LIMITS <br />The clubhouse and storage and building should be <br />limited to the size proposed by Newport Dunes. As proposed, the <br />facilities are too small to generate additional traffic or parking <br />demand. Specific limits on the size of the fitness center will <br />ensure no expansion of that use. <br />2. USE RESTRICTIONS <br />Use of the facilities should be limited to Marina <br />tenants and their guests, with the City reserving the right to <br />require Newport Dunes to prohibit, or limit the number of, guests. <br />The limited size of the facilities provide the best protection <br />against excessive use, but the City should reserve the right to <br />control the number of persons permitted access to the clubhouse and <br />storage area. <br />3. HEIGHT LIMIT <br />As currently proposed, the Marina Center would <br />slightly obstruct bay views from the highway and Promontory Point. <br />The height of the Marina Center should be reduced to eliminate any <br />view impact beyond that which results from the Family Inn. (See <br />Newport Dunes Site Plan attached as Exhibit B.) <br />4. NO CHARTER ACTIVITIES <br />The provision of amenities for Marina tenants could <br />encourage some boat owners to conduct charter activities from the <br />location. The Newport Dunes Settlement Agreement currently <br />prohibits charter activities unless a permit has been issued by the <br />appropriate licensing department. To ensure no additional traffic <br />or parking demand, staff proposes to prohibit any charter activity <br />unless authorized by an amendment to the Settlement Agreement. <br />It is recommended that the City Council authorize the Mayor <br />and City Clerk to execute an amendment to the Newport Dunes <br />Settlement Agreement authorizing construction of marine amenity <br />facilities subject to the following conditions: <br />