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City of Newport Beach <br />100 CIVIC CENTER DRIVE <br />NEWPORT BEACH, CA 92660 <br />949-644-3200 <br />Permit No:PLUM20-0099 <br />10/19/2020Final: <br />Job Address:10 VIA AVORIA, <br />NEWPORT BEACH CA, 92657 <br />Final Inspection by:David Reed <br />Description of Work:replacement of existing swimming poo, heater with same btu rating of 400,000btu <br />Legal Description:N-TRACT: 15079 BLOCK: LOT: 45 <br />Owner:Shadfar Toranji <br />10 Via Avoria <br />Newport Coast, CA 92657 <br />760132Contractor: <br />UNIFIED CONTRACTORS INC <br />132 NORTH EUCLID AVENUE <br />UPLAND CA, 91786 <br />Worker's Compensation Insurance: <br />Carrier:ACE AMERICAN INSURANCE COMPANY <br />Expire:09/01/2020 <br />Guillermo NunezApplicant: <br />132 N Euclid Ave <br />Upland CA, 91786 <br />Amount ($)Fee Description Qty <br />Water Heater 17.00 1 <br />Plumbing Issuance Fee 0.00 1 <br />$17.00 <br />The issuance of this permit shall not prevent the Chief Building Official from thereafter requiring the correction <br />of errors in the plans and specifications or from preventing building operations being carried on thereunder <br />when in violation of the California Building Code or of any provision of the Newport Beach Municipal Code . <br />Except as otherwise stated, a permit for construction under which no work is commenced within six months <br />after issuance, or where the work commenced is suspended or abandoned for six months, shall expire, and <br />fees paid shall be forfeited. <br />Owner Builder Declaration <br />You certified to each of the following: <br />·I am the property owner or am authorized to act <br />on the property owner’s behalf. <br />·I have read this application and the information I <br />have provided is correct. <br />·I agree to comply with all City ordinances and <br />state laws relating to building construction. <br />·I authorize representatives of this City to enter the <br />above-identified property for inspection purposes. <br />License Contractor Declaration <br />You certified to the following: <br />I hereby affirm under penalty of perjury that I <br />am licensed under provisions of Chapter 9 <br />(commencing with Section 7000) of division 3 <br />of the Business and Professions Code, and that <br />my license is in full force and effect. <br />WARNING: FAILURE TO SECURE WORKERS’ COMPENSATION COVERAGE IS UNLAWFUL, AND SHALL SUBJECT <br />AN EMPLOYER TO CRIMINAL PENALTIES AND CIVIL FINES UP TO ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS <br />($100,000), IN ADDITION TO THE COST OF COMPENSATION, DAMAGES AS PROVIDED FOR IN SECTION 3706 OF <br />THE LABOR CODE, INTEREST, AND ATTORNEY’S FEES. <br />DOC200Finalpermit_Document_CNB.rpt / version 2015-11-04