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Resolution No. 2021-3 <br />Page 4 of 26 <br />WHEREAS, the continued public hearing was held telephonically by the City <br />Council on January 26, 2021, in the City Council Chambers located at 100 Civic Center <br />Drive, Newport Beach, California, due to the Declaration of a State Emergency and <br />Proclamation of Local Emergency related to COVID-19. A notice of time, place and <br />purpose of the public hearing was given in accordance with Public Utilities Code Section <br />21676(b), the Ralph M. Brown Act, and Chapters 15.40 (Traffic Phasing Ordinance), <br />15.45 (Development Agreements), 19.76 (Lot Line Adjustments), 20.56 (Planned <br />Community District Procedures), and 20.62 (Public Hearings) of the NBMC. Evidence, <br />both written and oral, was presented to, and considered by, the City Council at this public <br />hearing. <br />NOW THEREFORE, the City Council of the City of Newport Beach resolves as <br />follows: <br />Section 1: The City Council has considered the recommendation of the <br />Planning Commission and the Parks, Beaches and Recreation Commission and <br />determined that modifications to the Project made by the City Council, if any, are not <br />major changes that require referral back to either commission for consideration and <br />recommendation. <br />Section 2: The City Council hereby approves Major Site Development Review <br />No. SD2020-006, Lot Line Adjustment No. LA2020-002, Affordable Housing <br />Implementation Plan No. AH2020-003, and Traffic Study No. TS2020-001, subject to the <br />conditions of approval set forth in Exhibit "B", which is attached hereto and incorporated <br />herein by reference. <br />Section 3: In accordance with Section 20.52.080(F) (Site Development <br />Reviews — Findings and Decisions) of the NBMC, the findings and facts in support of <br />Major Site Development Review No. SD2020-006 are set forth as follows: <br />Finding of Consistency with Section 20.52.080(F)(1) <br />The proposed development is allowed within the subject zoning district. <br />Facts in Support of Finding of Consistency with Section 20.52.080(F)(1) <br />The Property is located within Koll Center Newport Professional and Business Office Site <br />B which permits professional and business offices, hotels and motels, retail, restaurants <br />and entertainment, a courthouse, private clubs, auto detailing and service stations. <br />Currently, Office Site B only allows professional and business offices, restaurants, and <br />support commercial uses. The Project provides the adoption of Residential Overlay Zone <br />with provisions for residential development consistent with the MU -H2 (Mixed -Use <br />Horizontal 2) land use designation and the ICDP. With approval of the amendment to <br />PC -15, the Project would be allowed within the Residential Overlay Zone of PC -15. <br />