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Resolution No. 2021-3 <br />Page 5 of 26 <br />With the adoption of the PCDP Amendment, the Project, which meets the development <br />requirements, will be permitted by right. <br />Finding of Consistency with Section 20.52.080(F)(2) <br />The proposed development complies with the criteria identified in Section <br />20.52.080(C) (2) (c) (i) which requires compliance with this section, the General Plan, this <br />Zoning Code, any applicable specific plan, and other applicable criteria and policies <br />related to the use or structure. <br />Facts in Support of Finding of Compliance with the General Plan <br />1. The Property is located in the Airport Business Area under the General Plan and has <br />a City of Newport Beach General Plan Land Use Element designation of MU -H2 <br />(Mixed -Use Horizontal 2), which provides for a horizontal intermixing of uses that may <br />include regional commercial office, multifamily residential, vertical mixed-use <br />buildings, industrial, hotel rooms, and ancillary neighborhood commercial uses. The <br />MU -H2 (Mixed -Use Horizontal 2) designation applies to a majority of properties in the <br />Airport Business Area outside the high noise levels from John Wayne Airport. The <br />MU -H2 (Mixed -Use Horizontal 2) designation allows a maximum of 2,200 residential <br />units as replacement of existing office, retail, and/or industrial uses at a maximum <br />density of 50 units per net acre. Any eligible density bonus allowed by Government <br />Code Section 65915 (Density Bonus Law) and Chapter 20.32 (Density Bonus) of the <br />NBMC, are not included in the 2,200 allowance or the 50 dwelling units per acre <br />standard. <br />Of the 2,200 residential units, a total of 550 of these units are identified as additive <br />units meaning they are not replacement units that would replace existing <br />development. These 550 units may be constructed as infill on existing surface parking <br />lots or areas not used as occupiable buildings on properties within the Conceptual <br />Development Plan Area ("CDPA"), located east of MacArthur Boulevard, as depicted <br />on Figure LU22 Airport Area of the General Plan Land Use Element. <br />Prior to any residential development within the Airport Business Area, General Plan <br />Land Use Policy LU 6.15.11 requires the preparation of an ICDP. In September of <br />2010, the City approved the Koll-Conexant ICDP to provide a framework for the <br />redevelopment of the 25 -acre Uptown Newport site (formally known as Conexant), <br />and for the redevelopment of a 12.7 -acre portion of the Koll Center Newport office <br />park between Birch Street and Von Karman Avenue with new residential development <br />and open space, carefully integrated within the existing office buildings and parking <br />structures. <br />