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Resolution No. 2021-3 <br />Page 6 of 26 <br />The ICDP allocates 1,504 new residential units: 1,244 of which have been approved <br />and are being developed on the Uptown Newport property and the remaining 260 on <br />the Koll Center Newport office park. All 260 of the new residential units on this <br />Property would be "additive" units since no existing office uses would be removed. <br />Together, the two (2) properties would use all of the 550 additive units prescribed for <br />the ICDP area by the General Plan. <br />The General Plan contains a number of policies that provide for the orderly <br />development of the MU -H2 (Mixed -Use Horizontal 2) properties in the Airport <br />Business Area, from a business park, to a mixed-use district with cohesive residential <br />villages integrated within the existing fabric of office, industrial, retail, and airport - <br />related businesses. Residential opportunities are to be developed as clusters of <br />residential villages centering on neighborhood parks and interconnected by <br />pedestrian walkways. These would contain a mix of housing types and buildings that <br />integrate with ground level retail and residential uses at a sufficient scale to achieve a <br />complete neighborhood. <br />2. The Project is consistent with the following General Plan policies that establish <br />fundamental criteria for the formation and implementation of new residential villages <br />in the Airport Business Area in general, and in the CDPA (additional policy analysis is <br />included in Addendum No. ER2020-003. <br />Finding of Consistency with General Plan Policy LU 2.3 <br />Land Use Element Policy LU 2.3 - Range of Residential Choices: Provide opportunities <br />for the development of residential units that respond to community and regional needs in <br />terms of density, size, location, and cost. Implement goals, policies, programs, and <br />objectives identified within the City's Housing Element. <br />Facts in Support of Finding of Consistency with General Plan Policy LU 2.3 <br />The PCDP Amendment establishes a Residential Overlay Zone to allow for multi -family <br />residential uses, including affordable units that can respond to market needs and diversify <br />the City's housing stock. <br />Finding of Consistency with General Plan Policy LU 3.8 <br />LU 3.8 Project Entitlement Review with Airport Land Use Commission -. Refer the <br />adoption or amendment of the General Plan, Zoning Code, specific plans, and Planned <br />Community development plans for land within the John Wayne Airport planning area, as <br />established in the JWA Airport Environs Land Use Plan (AELUP), to the Airport Land Use <br />Commission (ALUC) for Orange County for review, as required by Section 29676 of the <br />California Public Utilities Code. In addition, refer all development projects that include <br />buildings with a height greater than 200 feet above ground level to the ALUC for review. <br />