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RESOLUTION NO. 1518 <br />A RESOLUTION OF THE PLANNING COMMISSION OF THE CITY OF <br />NEWPORT BEACH RECOMMENDING THE CERTIFICATION OF ON A <br />DRAFT ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT REPORT FOR THE NEWPORT <br />DUNES RESORT TO THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF NEWPORT <br />BEACH [ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT REPORT NO. 157] <br />WHEREAS, the Planning Commission of the City of Newport Beach finds as follows: <br />1. In June, 1998, the City of Newport Beach has received an application for a 600 <br />room/unit hotel and time -share project on property identified as Planning Unit <br />1 on Lease Parcels A, B, and C and Irvine Parcel of Newport Dunes Aquatic <br />Park located at 101 North Bayside Drive and 1131 Back Bay Drive; and <br />2. In June, 1998, the City of Newport Beach released an initial study and proposed <br />negative declaration for the proposed project and based on comments received <br />during the public review period, the City of Newport Beach decided to prepare <br />a draft environmental impact report (EIR) for the proposed project; and <br />3. In August, 1998, a notice of preparation was distributed by the City to the <br />appropriate agencies as provide in Section 15082 of the State CEQA <br />Guidelines; and <br />4. A draft EIR was prepared for the project; and <br />5. In September, 1999, the Notice of Completion for the draft EIR was filed and <br />the public review period for the draft EIR was from October 1, 1999 to <br />November 15, 1999; and <br />6. The public was noticed as to the availability of the draft EIR notice be as <br />provided under Section 15105 of the State CEQA Guidelines; and <br />7. The draft EIR identified potentially significant effects on the environment <br />