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relating to land use, earth resources, traffic /circulation, air quality, noise, visual <br />and resources that could be caused by approval of the project; and <br />8. Most of the potentially significant effects on the environment can be mitigated <br />to below a level of significance through the implementation of project design <br />features, standard conditions, or mitigation measures identified in the draft EIR <br />and that the following significant environmental effects that could not be <br />mitigated to a level of insignificance: <br />a. The proposed project will cause long -range baseline conditions <br />at the intersection of Coast Highway and Marguerite to operate at <br />an unacceptable level of service. <br />b. The proposed project, in conjunction with past, present, and <br />reasonably foreseeable future projects, will incrementally <br />contribute to an unavoidable significant cumulative impact on air <br />quality if the control strategies outlined in the 1997 Air Quality <br />Management Plan are not adequately implemented. <br />c. The proposed project will result in significant air quality impacts <br />due to short-term construction emissions from airborne dust and <br />emissions from heavy equipment. <br />d. The proposed project will result insignificant cumulative impacts <br />to views and area aesthetics and significantly impact to <br />skyline/horizon view of the bluff along the north side of Upper <br />Newport Bay. <br />9. The Planning Commission of the City of Newport Beach held a duly noticed public <br />2 <br />